The Joy of Pinching

Pinching more or less accidentally became part of our kink. Okay, maybe not entirely accidentally, as Master T used to pinch me before we realized that pinching can lead to more than only pain.

Pinching my nipples was actually one of the things that Master T sometimes did before we officially started our D/s relationship. But back then, He never really pinched me to hurt me. He would just roll my nipples firmly between His fingers and sometimes I even fell asleep while He did so. The pinching changed from ‘gentle’ to ‘pinching to cause pain’ when we made our commitment. One of the things Master T trained me in is that whenever He pinches both my nipples at the same time, I am to stand on my toes, whether He stands in front of me or behind me.

Pinching my nipples was a way to hurt me and get me wet. Because that is something we quickly realized – pain makes me wet and craving for sex. Especially nipple pinching. Sometimes during sex, I feel the tingling in my nipples and I have even gone as far as to ask for clamps, because I needed to feel the pinch. Pure by accident we found out that I can orgasm when my nipples are pinched. We discovered this the first time we ever stayed together overnight in a hotel, well into our marriage. During the same stay, Master T put the tower of pain on my nipples and that really got me the one orgasm after the other.

I was sold. Nipple pinching immediately became part of our kink. Now it really doesn’t always happen that I climax when my nipples are tortured by pinching, but gradually build it up and believe me, the intensely mixed feeling of pain and pleasure that it sends through my body will have me writing and squirming until I feel my orgasm building and I have to ask for permission to just let it happen. And it’s not only Master T who pinches my nipples. I do it myself, because He orders me too. But I will never be able to bring myself to orgasm by pinching only as my way of pinching is just so much different than His.

Clothing pin on my nipple
Clothing pin on my nipple

But, it’s not only pinching with fingers that I like. No matter how much it hurts, I love to have my breasts grabbed and pinched. Not the nipple, but the full breast. And, my labia. I love clamps on my labia. I hate clamps on my labia. Yes, I definitely have a love-hate relationship with that, but when I am extremely horny and I am allowed to masturbate and climax, you will find me torturing myself, because I need the pain at that moment.

Many nights – no, let’s rephrase that…

Every night, as I lie next to Master T in bed, my head on his shoulder and His arm around me, I feel the tingling of my nipples and wish He would pinch them. Sometimes I say silly things such as ‘my nipples need to be wished a good night too’ and then Master T will pinch my nipples. Or I say ‘would you please be kind to me’ and then He pinches my nipples. Sometimes only once, sometimes a couple of times… but always in such a way that I still feel the hurt minutes after. That is such a good and comforting feeling! And then, sometimes He keeps on pinching… and I feel my orgasm building… oh, the joy of pinching!

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20 thoughts on “The Joy of Pinching

  1. Oh Rebel!

    I do believe I’m a bit wet myself just reading that! I LOVE nipple torture so much… I haven’t actually orgasmed from it alone… Almost but not quite!
    Kat x

  2. I love my labia being pinched and pulled too, as long as the pinch involves the whole labia (lots of skin.) It’s a bit different now with all my piercings there now, tho, as a good labia pull can quickly become a not-good piercing pinch, so it’s not something I get as often, or enjoy in quite the same way, though W does try to work around those little impediments. 😉

  3. We recently discovered that I really like my inner thighs being pinched and grabbed. And I really like my labia being pinched too, but S doesn’t do that very often. Pinching and grabbing is definitely becoming part of what we do, thankfully 😀

    1. I cannot remember if I have ever been pinched in my inner thighs. I don’t think so actually, because I think I would have remembered it. Maybe this is something for us to try too 😉

  4. This. So much this. I adore being pinched. I love when he pinches, twists and also grabs my whole breast in a vice like grip. The intense orgasm that I get from it is so beautiful.

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