E is for "Ego"

“Ego” is a Latin and Greek (ἑγώ) word meaning “I”, often used in English to mean the “self”, “identity” or other related concepts.
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I wondered what to write for the letter “E” in the A-Z Challenge. Looking through words that start with E, I came across ‘egotistical’. I am not an egotistical person, but the ‘ego’ part of the word made me think about me and then I knew: my 100 things about me list should have been updated long ago.

BlogButton200The categories I used previously are:

  • My person: numbers 1 – 34
  • My preferences: numbers 35 – 55
  • My body: numbers 56 – 68
  • Sexual Me: numbers 69 – 100 


So, here goes… all changes will be in blue and italics:

  1. I am a mother.
  2. I am a daughter.
  3. I am married.
  4. I have a brother.
  5. I have no sisters.
  6. I only have contact with my mother’s side of the family.
  7. I don’t have any contact with my father.
  8. Of all my cousins there are only two one I have a bond and care to socialize with. The second one does not seem to have time for family anymore.
  9. I have been divorced twice.
  10. For the last four years I have frequently been stressed out and I hate it. My stress levels do not seem to be as high anymore, but unfortunately I still have moments that I am stressed, mostly at my work. Things are just not the same anymore after I had a burnout in 2012.
  11. I have sessions with a psychologist four times a year to help me with stress-related issues. I do not see a psychologist anymore, and I don’t feel like I still need it, so I guess that is quite positive.
  12. I am a very open person. I have learned to be a bit less open, as I have had quite some negative experiences. So now it depends on the vibes I get from the other person whether I am open or not.
  13. I have a sixth sense for people who lie. I just don’t always know how to confront them with their lies.
  14. I have always had only one best friend.
  15. My first best friend died when she was 16 (two weeks before my 16th birthday).
  16. In my teens I was a gymnast and I was quite good at it.
  17. I grew up in another country than the one I am living in now. If you have been following along on Twitter, you might know which country that is.
  18. I grew up in the same time zone than the one I am living in now.
  19. I have not completed two university studies, one due to circumstances; the other due to discovering it was about politics.
  20. I always vote when there are elections, but believe that no matter what I believe or vote for, my vote or beliefs won’t change what the government does anyway. Nowadays I don’t go to the poll station anymore, but I authorize Master T to vote for me.
  21. I have served in military service of the country I was born in.
  22. My husband is my friend, my lover, my soul mate, my Master, my Owner.
  23. I had relationships twice with men that were respectively 6 and 4 years younger than I was.
  24. When I’ve made a guffe I never forget it. I can still remember blunders of 20+ years ago and still feel the same shame when thinking about it.
  25. I have a very good memory, especially for numbers. After my burnout, my memory is not as good as it was before. Sometimes this irritates me immensely!
  26. I hope to complete my study this year after being at it for five years. I have completed my bachelors degree in 2011 after 5 years of study.
  27. At work I’m in charge of a department.
  28. I work for an small international company.
  29. At work I am second in command. At work I am part of management, but not second in command anymore.
  30. I love my job, but if we win a jackpot I will definitely quit and only do fun things. I love to work with my direct colleagues, but would love to work less than I do and if we had enough money, to stop working and concentrate on my blog and writing full time.
  31. I have written books and self-published them. Some of my short stories have been accepted for anthologies in 2013 and 2014.
  32. I am an artist – I draw and paint. Unfortunately my writing takes up so much time, that I haven’t painted or drawn in more than a year.
  33. I love to write erotic stories – fantasy or true.
  34. I maintain more than one blog. In total I now maintain 5 blogs – this one, Wicked Wednesday, the writers group blog and two 365 blogs.
  35. I like being at home.
  36. I hate vacation, but I love to make unexpected trips to faraway places. I don’t like going on long vacations, but I do like going away for a long weekend, with Master T. And preferably to the UK. I enjoy it even more because Master T enjoys it too.
  37. I hate to be sick. It always makes me very emotional, because it feels as if I have failed myself.
  38. I hate injustice.
  39. I hate it when people lie.
  40. I love to read. I just don’t read nearly enough nowadays.
  41. I love almost all kinds of music.
  42. I love musicals.
  43. I love movies and series with lots of music, like Dirty Dancing or Glee (both favorites).
  44. I love elephants.
  45. Even though I am allergic to flowers, I love sunflowers and yellow roses.
  46. I don’t like it when all attention is focused on me.
  47. I love a nice hot shower.
  48. I love to walk on my bare feet.
  49. I hate roller coasters.
  50. I love pasta.
  51. I love dark chocolate and white chocolate.
  52. I drink both tea and coffee. I don’t drink as much coffee anymore as I used to, due to an intolerance that damaged my small intestines. It was a side effect of years of stress that lead to the burnout. I love my tea!
  53. I will not discuss either politics or religion.
  54. I hate ironing, but I do it almost every Sunday.
  55. I drink orange juice, but don’t like apple juice. Due to the intolerance mentioned in number 52, I am not allowed to eat much fruit, or drink fruit juice.
  56. My hair is not naturally blond or red.
  57. I have lots of grey hair.
  58. I discovered my first grey hair when I was about 20.
  59. When I am emotional (angry or sad), my hazel eyes turn green.
  60. I have three tattoos – one very small, one middle-sized and one big. I am in the process of planning another big one.
  61. I am not very happy with my own body (which woman is?), but I am learning to accept myself as I am.
  62. I am allergic to quite a lot of things: flowers, cats, many kinds of perfume.
  63. I’ve been on diets far too much in my life – should never have started with it.
  64. I started my first diet because I gained 20kg due to hormone use. Before that I never had problems with my weight. I am still battling with my weight, but as said in umber 61, I am learning to accept my body.
  65. I’ve had two big operations in my life.
  66. In all my life I have been hospitalized only five times.
  67. I’m quite short… all my children are taller than I am.
  68. I frequently wiggle with my big toes.
  69. My first child was born when I was almost 17. My first grandchild was born when I was 43.
  70. I fell pregnant when I lost my virginity.
  71. I’ve once been involved in a relationship with a couple.
  72. I’ve had sex with a woman.
  73. I’ve had a sexual encounter with three other women at once. A foursome.
  74. I’ve never had sex with two men at the same time. However, in 2013 I have twice been in the same room with two men and no other woman. The stories are on my blog.
  75. I would like to have sex with two men at the same time. Like in, both of them fucking me at the same time.
  76. I once had a relationship with a married colleague. When he wanted to leave his wife for me, I dumped him.
  77. I love my breasts, even though they are on the small side.
  78. I think my pussy is kinda pretty.
  79. I love to go around without panties (especially in summer, wearing a dress). I almost never wear panties anymore.
  80. I wear a quarter cup bra every day (yes, to my work too). I hardly evern wear quarter cup bras anymore. However, whenever I can, I wear no bra at all.
  81. I have to wear my recently acquired nipple charms every day and I love it.
  82. Erotic & porn photos of me are frequently posted on an X-rated site (pay site). In the past erotic & porn photos of me were posted on an X-rated pay site. Several movies of me have also been posted on Redtube.
  83. I love to wear my buttplug. I have to wear it every Thursday on our night out.
  84. I love to post for erotic photos, but sometimes still feel shy when photos are made.
  85. I love submitting to my Husband.
  86. I would love to flash nudity in public.
  87. I love to walk around naked and do so all day long when going to the wellness center. I would love to be able to do this at home too.
  88. In my younger years I loved to go to a nude beach and being looked at.
  89. Yes, I’m an exhibitionist.
  90. I was grabbed by a female friend in the sauna once… she made me cum very hard.
  91. I haven’t been with a woman in 8 years. In the last two years I’ve had sexual encounters with another woman and I hope it will happen a lot more in the coming years. There are some other women I would like to be with too.
  92. One of my fantasies is to submit myself to my husband and a woman at the same time.
  93. I’ve been sexually abused as a child, but have no trauma because of it.
  94. I first flashed my pussy to a boy (neighbor) when I was 13.
  95. I love to play with my nipples.
  96. I have three five piercings – all intimate piercings 🙂
  97. I had nipple piercings twice, but took them out both times because it did not heal well.
  98. I had a belly button piercing, but my body rejected it.
  99. There’s an archive of about 5000 8000 erotic photos of me.
  100. I was aware of my sexuality and the powers it gives me when I was nine. However, I only started to use it when I was in my teens and now in my forties, I sometimes have the feeling that I radiate sexuality, even when in a business meeting. But it might be that I am the only one sensing that, because I just feel sexy most of the time!

There you have the updated list. Questions? Remarks? Feel welcome to put them in the comments section.

© Rebel’s Notes

This post ties in with the A-Z Blogging Challenge
E = Ego

8 thoughts on “E is for "Ego"

  1. I should take a look at my list again I think!!

    Great update. I bet that took a little while to do!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. I don’t talk too much about politics or religion, unless I am talking to my very conservative, religious friend. We have opinions at opposite end of the spectrum and it takes seconds for us to be together before it all starts! 😉

    1. I would not even start on a conversation like that, as I am not interested enough in politics or religion and any other person will have more knowledge than I have 🙂

  3. Great post Marie! point 84 I can relate to, point 87 I still am uncomfortable being naked at times, point 67 I’m short too (5ft 4), point 17 ditto, although it wouldn;t be easy for people to guess which country is my place of birth!

    I could comment on all 100 points, so I’m just going to leave it there lol

    Flip xx

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