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We arrived in Bristol for Eroticon 2014 on Thursday 6 March 2014 and checked into our hotel room quite early. That evening we went to bed quite late after spending a lovely night out with Molly and Michael and The Strandeds. If you have been reading along on this blog, you know that I sleep with a night collar. When we travel, Master T always makes sure that my collar is packed too. So, on this Thursday night, it was no different. Once we were in bed, Master T put the collar around my neck.

When we are at home, I take the collar off in the mornings before I go for a shower, and put it under Master T’s pillow. But, in the hotel Master T did not want that. In the mornings He took the collar and put it in the closet for the day.

We were not in our room a lot during our evenings there, but of course on Saturday night we had quite a lot of fun and it was very late by the time we went to bed. I got my collar on and it almost seemed like I had just closed my eyes when we had to wake up again to go to the conference day on Sunday. It was another long and fun day. By the end of it we made plans to go out for drinks and then for dinner after. But first we wanted to go back to our hotel, to drop off some things we got during the day.

The moment the door to our hotel room opened, I saw it. There, on the bed, neatly displayed on the side of the bed where I slept, was my night collar. I instantly knew that we forgot it on the bed that morning and at the same moment I had the feeling that the lady who cleaned the room (I assume it was a lady as I have seen no men cleaning the rooms) knew exactly how important this collar was. It wasn’t just left on the bed, it was put there with care and attention.


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I was really touched by this and I think I ooooh-ed and aaaah-ed for several minutes while I made the photos, wondering whether this woman were in a similar relationship or maybe have heard about D/s relationships and wished she was in one. What can I say, my mind works like that. I try to find the story behind what I see, and the story I found here was one of caring, not judging.

And who knows, maybe the lady helped herself to one of my business cards, which were right there on the night table. If she did, I hope she visits this site and I hope she reads these words: thank you for your wonderful, thoughtful gesture!

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19 thoughts on “Caring Hotel

  1. Just imagine what you might have unlocked for her (or him)…

    And it is so lovely that your collar was laid out so gently.

    Think we picked the wrong hotel for Eroticon, at least we’ll know where to stay the next time 🙂


  2. That’s really cool of the maid.

    I think I would have left a thank you note when I vacated the hotel the following day.

    I generally find hotel staff to be really epic anyway: a lot of the people have outgoing, friendly personalities and don’t just switch it on/off. The lady at the Travelodge in Abingdon was totally awesome, even though she couldn’t join us for watching Billie Piper ;-(

  3. Wonderful !!! Loved this . . . and I’m sure that, human nature being what it is, the cleaner certainly investigated you from your Business Card . . . I know I CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE !!! LOL!!!
    Smiling all the way to work!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Having worked as a chambermaid as a teen I know that you see all sorts of things when cleaning rooms! This person clearly saw the significance or was, indeed, fully aware of the meaning of the collar and treated it with respect.

    I know that when I looked after rooms I always treated people’s belongings with a great deal of care.

    ~Mia~ xx

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