Book review: The Young Wife by Ida T. Heurtze

The Young Wife by Ida T. Heurtze
Book cover:
The Young Wife by Ida T. Heurtze

The book:
I have posted a excerpt of this book on this website some months ago and wanted to read the full book to do a review.

The Young Wife is a book with a size just bigger than A5 but smaller than A4, with an all black cover. The front has a beautiful photo of a smiling young woman and the back has three short paragraphs as introduction of the book. The book is numbered up to page 112, but the actual story runs to page 63, divided in 8 chapters. The rest of the book is filled up with introductions to 9 other authors, and an introduction to Ida T. Heurtze, written bij Neil Winnington, who owns the copyright of this book.

The author:
There is little to none known about Ida T. Heurtze, since this is her first book.

The main characters:
Emma is a young English woman, married to Simon and she wants more excitement in her sex life. At the same time Simon wants that too, but the two of them do not know this of each other. David is a secondary character, and other names that come along at Gary and Dwayne.

The story:
Both Emma and Simon want more excitement in their marriage but they do not communicate this to each other. Simon would love to watch Emma being fucked by others and Emma would love to have Simon watching her. Eventually Simon figures out a way to have Emma fucked by someone else, making it look as if it was not prearranged. This is how David enters and eventually, after there was some communication, Gary and Dwayne enters the scene.

My opinion:
The story has a lot of potential, but the characters are a bit ‘shallow’. I would have liked to see more of their mindset, their way of thinking, reasons why they do things, their desires. The way they don’t communicate and ‘accidentally’ find out about their desires which seem to be the same does not give the plot enough conflict or suspense. There are some hot sex scenes in the story, but text like “slap, slap, slap” for the sounds during fucking are nice to read once, but after a couple of times it distracts from the hot sex scene.

I definitely like the style of writing, but would have liked to see more immersion into the characters and more conflict in the story. The excerpt I have read and posted had me expecting more of this book. The story should have been longer.

It’s a story with potential, but I found that some elements were missing.


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  1. You say that it is her first book, so will probably incorporate many of the aspects you mentioned as she gets better. I look at my first books and cringe! 😉

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