Book review: My Biggest Mistake: Selena Prescod

My Biggest Mistake by Selena Prescod
Book cover:
My Biggest Mistake by Selena Prescod

The book:
I have been asked to review this book and was sent the PDF version, which I read in my Kindle app. The cover image of the book shows a young blond girl in a leather outfit, and once I have read the book I realized that the cover image doesn’t fit the story.

On the title page it says that this is part 1 and at the end of the book, it promises that part 2 will be out soon. This part 1 contains only 2 chapters and 32 pages.

The author:
There is a link in the book to, but the site does not exist, which was quite a disappointment as I thought I might find more information about the author there. However, searching for Selena Prescod on the Google I came across her author page on Amazon, where I discovered that she has written part 2 and 3 of ‘My Biggest Mistake’ and one other book, called “The Downfall of a Mistress”.

The main characters:
Mr Atkins, a school teacher and Anya, a student are the main characters. In the book Atkins admits that he is a pervert and that he has a fetish for women’s feet and shoes. Anya seems to be the leader of a girl’s group of three and a good student.

The story:
Atkins likes to take photos of the shoes and feet of girls in his class and he saves them to his computer. But, Atkins also sees a Mistress and she sends him videos where she has dominated him. Anya and her friends came to his office to talk about their marks and he promised to help them with some work. He watches a video of himself, forgot about it on the USB stick that he eventually gives to Anya, assuming there’s homework on it. The rest can be guessed: the girls blackmail him and Anya turns out to be a dominant girl. She never wears any leather clothing, like on the book cover, but maybe she did in part 2 and/or 3.

My opinion:
The story has some potential, but is too cliche to really excite. I think it would have been nicer to give a different twist to it, and to add parts 2 and 3 to one book to give it more body. This part 1 feels more like an intro and leaves the reader hanging too much.


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3 thoughts on “Book review: My Biggest Mistake: Selena Prescod

  1. Cliched stories are always a bit of a disappointment; if I know how the story is going to end before I’ve even picked up the book, the author hasn’t tried hard enough!

      1. That’s why the first part is free on Amazon. It’s like an intro and If you dont like you dont need to pay the rest but lots of people is paying after first part.

        The main problem is people expecting too much from new indie writers. i am not a native speaker and I try hard to writing English but people cant understand even how hard to write 32 pages.

        Cliched stories! please tell me John how my story is going to end ?

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