April Fool’s Day

I was not going to post anything on my blog today, but then I received mails of new posts on some of the blogs I follow and I learned about the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The idea is to write a post every day in April, except for Sunday’s and to use each letter of the alphabet. I thought about this for a while, not knowing if I would be able to find something that fit the letter. I bet some time this month I will regret starting this challenge, but here goes!

drive-throughA is for April. The month that started out with glorious sunshine. The month that new life is expected. The month that traditionally starts with April Fool’s Day. Early this morning I received a message from a friend, with a link to an article in a South African newspaper. Now the link is there for you to follow and of course I can just quote the text here, but I don’t think you will quite understand it, as it is in Afrikaans. So I will just loosely translate it for you:

The northern suburbs will soon have South Africa’s first drive in brothels.

The City recently approved these brothels during a special board meeting. The brothels will open soon in Bellville, Durbanville and Brackenfell.

The decision is also supported by the Voortrekker Road improvement council, because according to them the streets “should be filled with workers”.

John Horn, the brothel applicant and Dutch by birth, is delighted with the City’s decision. “In Amsterdam the drive-in brothels had just appeared on the scene . It works on the same principle as a KFC. The customer uses a menu on a screen to order a girlfriend. Once the customer has paid at the next point, he drives his car into a private booth, where his order awaits him and the ‘deal’ will be completed in the car.”

Horn says that the drive-in brothels will immediately rule out prostitution on street corners. There will be no place anymore for the so-called “pimp”. In the past customers were robbed by these “pimps”. He said the brothels will conduct their business under the brand name of “Pick a Chick”.
“We also intend to expand the service to several other places in the northern suburbs soon.”

At the time Horn did want to say much about the rates at the drive-in brothels. He did mention that there will be a cheap option for customers who are in a hurry. The ‘completion’ of the transaction will then have to happen within ten minutes. The most expensive option will be the Combo, where a customer can order two girls.
“We will also provide for different tastes and already have women between 18 and 60 on our books,” he said. Among them apparently were former beauty queens and models.

A spokesperson for the City, Fooly April, refused to comment on the merits of the brothels, but mentioned that the date of today (Tuesday, April 1) should definitely be taken into account when residents see red regarding this matter.

This was the best April Fool’s joke I have heard today and one I might remember for a long time!

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8 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day

  1. as funny as this is, the concept exists in Zurich. Well sort of. There’s no drive in menu or anything, but you do drive into a prostitution location. Prostitution is legal here during certain times and in designated zones. As any woman who works as a sex worker can tell you, there can be many dangers. These, drive ins were designed with the woman’s safety in mind. The car pulls into the parking stall and the drivers door is close to the wall and cannot be opened. The passenger’s door is free to open and close and with plenty of space. There is an emergency phone and also resources for counseling and what not. There are also rules for using the area. Only two people in the car, the client and the sex worker.

    1. That is incredibly interesting. I had no idea something like this already exists. Over here it doesn’t, even though the joke did reference to Amsterdam 😉

  2. I just went over and looked at the challenge, as well as the list of those participating-more than 2000 blogs! I’m in awe that they are able to generate that much interest (and really curious how they do it.) Unfortunately I see so few sex blogs on there, and none with kink, that I would be really hesitant to add mine. I can just imagine those mommy bloggers and foodies stumbling across what I write…and the pictures I post…ouch.

    I’ll be really curious to hear what this does to your readership numbers…

    1. I am so happy that you have joined in. I don’t know whether this would give me more hits, but it does get the creative juices flowing – how to fit in my regular posts with the A-Z Challenge. And who knows, I might gain a couple of readers.

  3. Drive -in brothels. that would be interesting to see. My town won’t do anything April Fool’s prank like that, because someone would be too likely to believe it’s true.
    So glad to see you are taking part in this blogging challenge. Looking forward to reading the rest of the month. Good Luck 🙂

    1. Over here they do it every year, in the nationwide paper. It’s fun, but not all jokes are good.

      Good luck to you too for this blogging challenge 🙂

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