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On the Friday of our Eroticon weekend, Molly & Michael took Master T and me out for a drive. Molly and I have been talking about doing some scavenger hunts, but we were not entirely focused on it, until we strolled alongside the river close to the SS Great Britain and saw the train tracks. The tracks were clearly not used anymore. To the one side of it were several high buildings, which I think were mainly flats and to the other side, blocking the view from the riverside, was an old platform.

Just as we were about to venture out on the tracks, a man came walking from the flats onto the tiled footpath alongside the tracks. While we waited for him to disappear, a elderly couple walked up to where the four of us were standing. I think it was obvious that Molly and I were waiting for something, as we were standing halfway up the ramp of the platform and the men were standing further down, ready to make photos.
“Are you waiting for something? Is something about to happen?” the elderly lady asked (I think those were her words).
Molly and I looked at each other and laughed and denied that we were waiting for anything. The elderly gentleman made a remark that waiting for a steam train to come along might not be such a good idea and then the two of them walked on.

Before Molly and I could walk onto the tracks, another man came from the side of a parking area and he walked towards the flats. Just as he was halfway to where he wanted to be we started to a spot in the sunlight, ready to do a scavenger hunt together. In place, in that special spot of sunlight, Molly pulled up her dress and down her tights and panties, and I lifted my dress (I was only wearing stockings underneath). We bared our asses right there, in the sunlight, on the train tracks.

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I have been debating on using a photo where I look over my shoulder and the fun we were having is written all over my face, just like the photo where Molly looks over her shoulder. Unfortunately, I am just not ready yet to show my face on my website. Maybe I will be ready the next time I do a scavenger hunt with Molly, because we definitely will be doing more!

Thank you to both Molly and Michael for the fun time in Bristol, and for this fabulous scavenger hunt!
Hop over to Molly’s site and see her train track post!

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29 thoughts on “Track and trace

  1. Joint scavenges are great fun – having just done the same myself (with Modesty Ablaze) and having a blast! You and Molly look like you had a grand time!

    I’ve updated the SH pages for you both.

    xx Dee

  2. Sounds and looks like you, all had lots of fun in your “track” adventure. And ya gotta love the elderly. Sometimes they can be cute and other times just annoying. Great photos of you both πŸ™‚

  3. There is always the option to photoshop a mask (Story of O Style) onto your eyes to preserve anonymnity! πŸ˜‰


  4. Dear Rebel, I just love the story: tempting and funny (‘waiting for a steamtrain is maybe not such a good idea…’). Your remark about maybe showing your face to us, makes me think. I know why you did not do that up to now, you wrote me about it. Of course, the consequences of being ‘caught redhanded’ could be devastating. But…

    As you know, I expose myself fully on my website. It’s incredibly dangerous and I suppose an increbibly stupid thing to do. The cost could be very, very high. But apart from other considerations (which I will not mention here, but I could mail you about that when you’re interested) it is sooo thrilling… Every time I look at myself on the site – dressed, naked, playing with myself – a feeling of intense freedom and happiness comes over me. Than I’m sooo proud that I do what I do and that I am who I am…

    Knowing you a little by now, I suppose it could work out the same way for you. Yes, it’s scary, but yes, it’s also very, very rewarding. It’s not my intention to push you into it (as if you would let someone push you πŸ™‚ but I bestow you (I’m in Dutch: ik gun je) so much this unique feeling of being exposed to literaly the would. Maybe you should give it a try.

    Kindest regards, Kinquie

    1. I really appreciate your comment, Kinquie, and I know the day will come that I feel totally comfortable with showing my face, but that day will not be soon, I’m afraid. There are still too many things I have to think about for me to take the step xox

  5. Oh what a lovely pair of bottoms!
    Perhaps there should be a separate #scavengerhunt category of Two-For-Ones, or shared, Scavenger Hunts . . . LOL!!!
    Beautiful . . . I would have loved to have gate-crashed and made it a three-some!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Brilliant and very very daring – and how wonderful to see you two scavenging together. Big smiles here πŸ™‚

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