South Bank Seduction

After attending Eroticon 2013 there was a call for submissions, for the anthology called ‘Southbank Seduction’. Of course nothing was going to withhold me from trying to get into this anthology. I started writing and the story flowed from my fingers onto the screen, as if it was meant to be written. Yes, I am very proud of this story!

When Ruby informed me that my story was accepted for the anthology, I was so excited. I had to do a couple of edits and then the story was ready for the book. Initially, the book was going to be presented at Eroticon 2014, but as Ruby explained, things did not work out quite the way they wanted it too.

But, without further ado, let me introduce you to the second anthology I have been published in:

Image showing the cover of the book Book: South Bank Seduction, edited by Ruby Kiddell
Book: South Bank Seduction, edited by Ruby Kiddell


The Pick Up – Indigo Moore
Sweet Bird – Tamsin Flowers
South Bank Seduction – Ruby Kiddell
The Conference – Tabitha Rayne
Deeper Underground – Lucy Felthouse
Northern Line Nostalgia – Heather Day
Westminster Bridge – Marie Rebelle
Eye See You – E.R. Bryce
Pulse and Flow – Jacqueline Brocker
Pygmalion(a) – Michael Handrick
Inspired – Ashley Lister

And, best of all, you can download this book for free until tomorrow. Rush over to do so, either on Amazon UK or Amazon USA.


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