Β The Sinful Sunday prompt for this week is all about laughter.

Cold whipped cream on my body made me smile.

A silly smiley face drawn with the cream made me smile even more.

Feeling the cold cream glide off my body made me giggle.

Making those ‘eyes’ watch Master T closely had me in a giddy mood afterward!

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These are not the best photos we’ve ever made, but they were a lot of fun to make!

And damn, did my body feel sticky after we wiped off the cream…

Β© Rebel’s Notes

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25 thoughts on “Whipped

  1. Mmmm yummy I hope Master T got to lick it off you after. It sure does get messy but it is a lot of fun.

  2. *Laughing* I’ll bet you were sticky afterwards! (Should I read your statement to that effect as a double entendre?) πŸ™‚ Jane xxx

  3. It is all about having fun and laughing and the fact you did that make these is perfect. I can picture the two of you laughing over it


  4. LOL, I must admit that when I saw the post title of “whipped”, that I was a little worried at first (as Renee and I are not currently into BDSM) but I was relieved and tickled by the pics. Too cute! I just can’t believe though that he didn’t lick and suck that cream off your body! That’s what I would have done.

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