On our way to Eroticon 2014

I will lie if I say that I haven’t given the scavenger hunt a lot of thought when I knew we would be in an entirely strange place. I mean, people there do not know me and when possibly return there for Eroticon 2016, they would have already forgotten me if I had flashed my ass. Or tit? Right? One of the things I wanted to try, either on our way to Bristol or back, was to make a scavenger hunt photo in the plane.

So, on our way to Bristol last weekend, we were seated in the back row and across from us was a woman. The six or seven rows in front of her, as well as in front of us were all empty. This, of course, was the perfect opportunity for a scavenger hunt! As soon as the stewardesses were both in the front of the aircraft, Master T got His phone out, turned His back to block off the view for the woman across the isle and I flashed…


Scavenger Hunt in the airplane before take-off
Flashing my breast while still on the ground before departure for our Eroticon 2014 weekend.
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This post starts the series of posts that will follow on several days in the next two weeks, to cover all our experiences in Bristol.

I have so much to tell and share!

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