After a lovely drive around Bristol and getting a joint scavenger hunt with Molly, Master T and I decided to explore some more. We wanted to make some photographs of the beautiful buildings, which included the Bristol cathedral.

Some years ago I visited the longest church in the Netherlands, where I had to pay admission and I was barely allowed to make photos. More recently I visited Westminster Abbey, where we paid even more to get in and were not allowed to make any photos at all! They rather wanted us to buy their photos. So when we strolled towards the side entrance of the Bristol Cathedral, we were fully expecting to pay admission and that we would not be allowed to make photos. But, no admission and making photos were perfectly okay. I was planning to do a scavenger hunt in one of the Dutch churches, but suddenly in Bristol I had the perfect opportunity to claim this notch.

We strolled over to the front of the church. I sat down in the church pew and pretended to read one of the leaflets that were left there. We had to be very patient, as quite some people walked towards the front of the church, to make photos the same way we did. One couple rounded the corner and we thought that they were gone. Just as we saw an opportunity for a photo or two, this same couple suddenly appeared again. We waited some more, chatted to another woman who sat down close to us and then at last, we were alone.

I pulled my dress up to expose my bum…


Flashing in a cathedral
Oops, my bottom is a bit hidden…


Flashing in a cathedral
… but there it is, in all its glory!

(photos can be clicked to enlarge & browse)

The cathedral is very beautiful and incredibly impressive to be in. To flash inside the church might be seen as blasphemy, but that is just not the way I see it. And, just for the record… I have been brought up religiously. I guess I just started seeing things differently in my adult life…

I had fun, and if I though I had to improve this notch, I would flash in a church again! The thrill of the scavenger hunt is incredibly addictive!

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