An open book

On the evening of the Eroticon 2014 meet and greet, Rose and I were joking around about being an open book and telling a lot and then, at one stage, we were talking about the bibles that are in every hotel room. We ended up joking around about making photos, using the bible in our bedroom. I know: blasphemy!

On Saturday night, just after dinner, we moved up to our bedroom and in a flash, both Rose and I were naked, except for our stockings. I just love how natural it felt, not only to be naked in the same room with such a glamazon, but also how at ease Rose seemed to feel to be naked in front of Master T and me.

And of course, Master T was not complaining to be the one behind the camera and making pics of two naked women. Especially when we ended up standing in front of the window. He even told me to move aside to make a photo of Rose alone, because ‘it’s not every day that I get to do this!‘ and I did not mind at all.


Bible & tits… tits & Bible…
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I think here we were pledging to be good girls…
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Totally innocent and sweet, right?
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Just why am I showing you these photos? Partly because I am an exhibitionist, I know, but I think it’s more about trying to show just how wonderful it is to be between like-minded people, to be relaxed, to be able to just be myself. Not once, while in our room, did I feel uncomfortable or wanted to hide my rolls or my stretch marks. It does not take much for me to feel uncomfortable with myself (I know, it all happens in my head), especially when someone almost half my age and with a much more beautiful body than mine is naked with me. But this time, it just did not happen and I sure hope I get the message across with these photos. I actually wish I could show you the photos on which both Rose and I were laughing and it was obvious we were having a helluva lot of fun!

And, after we had our fun, we moved over to the cocktail party.

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19 thoughts on “An open book

  1. I once found myself in a cheap motel room with another man’s wife. I tied her up and spanked her to within an inch of her life with the Gideon Bible, an experience which changed us both. I stole the Bible and I still have it on the bookshelf above my bed.

  2. There’s something so very tender and touching about the way your hand rests on Rose’s back in the last photo….I absolutely love it πŸ™‚

    Flip xx

  3. Well did t you have done fun!! I love the fact that you used the bible in the pictures!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Oh that is what Master T and I have been saying to each other too: we want this ALL the time. Just being with like-minded people, relaxing, having lunch and dinner with them, soaking up the relaxed atmosphere… it’s so wonderful πŸ™‚

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