Are there even women out there who do not like lingerie? And are there even men out there who do not like to see women in beautiful lingerie? I bet there are. But… I love beautiful lingerie.

What exactly is lingerie? Wikipedia says:

Lingerie includes undergarments using flexible, stretchy, sheer, or decorative materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, silk and sheer fabric. Certain cotton or synthetic undergarments are also lingerie.

The word lingerie derives from the French word linge, washables—as in faire le linge, “do the laundry”. In French the word lingerie applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English it is applied specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic and is increasingly used for either gender.

This Wikipedia page also has a list of the things that are included in the group name ‘lingerie’.

I love beautiful lingerie, but I do not wear it nearly as much as I love it. Nowadays, in daily live, I do not wear any panties/knickers anymore. I have stopped doing so months ago. Whenever I can, I do not wear a bra either. During our Eroticon weekend I haven’t once wore a bra – I did not even take one with me. Panties/Knickers stayed home too. It felt SO good! Back home, whenever I have to go out – either to work or shopping – I always wear a bra. Why? No idea, actually. Habit, I think. Because my breasts look better when I wear a bra? Maybe. Because I think people would want me to wear a bra? Yes, for sure. What if my colleagues realize I am not wearing one? What would they think of me? I think these are sentences that subconsciously play around in my mind and are the reasons why I wear a bra whenever I go out. But not wearing a bra at Eroticon felt perfectly natural to me. I know, it’s a twisted way of thinking.

I like wearing lingerie for Master T though. I especially like cupless bra’s and love a beautiful garter belt, even though nowadays I prefer to wear hold ups, where I don’t have to struggle to get the clips of a garter belt onto the stockings.

The above are just a couple of photos that I have not shared on this blog yet. I went through our archive of about 7 thousand photos (yes, really!) and discovered that I am mostly naked on a photo. Maybe we should make more photos with me wearing lingerie, but damn, I just love being naked.

As for Master T, He loves it when I don’t wear any lingerie. He prefers me to go without any, but He understands why I prefer to wear a bra, especially to my work. He doesn’t see any reason why I should wear any underwear, but He will never force me to go without, unless He uses it as a punishment

Oh, and as an afterthought: lingerie can make me feel ‘safe’ when meeting new people. As I have said on this site before, I have a huge scar on my tummy which I can be quite self-conscious about and when I wear lingerie, especially a garter belt, I can hide my scar. But, at the same time I should say that I am getting better at it, as I have recently undressed without once thinking about the scar or covering it up!

So, lingerie… a luxury, a requirement, or a pain in the ass?
For me it clearly depends on the situation. I would much rather go without it than wear it, but put me in a lingerie store and I am true to my womanly self: I will most probably buy something beautiful!

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23 thoughts on “Lingerie

  1. Lovely, lovely photos, so sexy. I love lingerie, I love buying bras especially, I tend to wear practical knickers though. But for me it’s a requirement, underwear in general, because I fear being judged and if someone were to notice I were braless/knickerless in general society I would die!
    I think if I lived in some sort of kinky world where it was understood and accepted I could deal without lingerie, but I still love the look of it.

    1. I actually go out without a bra quite a lot nowadays and once I am outside, I do not think about it anymore and do not wonder whether people see or what they will think. But, it took some time to get to this point.

  2. Reading some of the posts about lingerie has set me thinking. Different people have every different relationships with it. For some people if is optional and for others a necessity. I wonder how much that affects the way we think about it. I think you are very lucky to be able to indulge in lingerie as a choice. I have to wear a bra. Even if I am at home and relaxing, not wearing one is painful. I wonder how I would feel about wearing lingerie if it was truly a choice.

    1. I totally understand that different people have different relationships with it. I am one of the lucky ones, I know, who can definitely go without underwear forever, but I understand that for some women wearing a bra is a necessity. Sorry if I haven’t addressed that in this post.

  3. Love your reasons and the pictures are so beautiful. I tried a cupless bra, and didn’t like it – too self conscious of how my breasts look after nursing my youngest.

  4. In or out (of lingerie)? Believe it or not I am not a great fan of lingerie !! Except pinks of course and am invariably keen to rip it off 🙂 having said that, the sexier the lingerie the greater the desire to rip
    Gorgeous images too

    1. *grins* that is one thing I still want to experience. Having lingerie ripped from my body and of course, afterward I would love to be violently fucked 😉

      Thanks xox

  5. I love a woman in lingerie but naked is nothing to complain about. That said my primary partner hates it and it is a bit of a challenge for us from time to time.

    1. Your primary partner hates lingerie or being naked?
      I prefer naked too, but unfortunately can do that only in the bedroom, due to having kids around…

  6. I love lingerie to dress up and look sexy, but to be honest, most of the time, it’s just plain cotton panties and bras for me. But I do wear pretty lacy, matching sets when I go out for an evening. But when I am home just doing the normal housewife stuff, I’m usually without a bra and wearing normal cotton panties.

  7. Dear Rebel, referring to the question with which you start this post: what about MEN who like to WEAR lingerie…? As you know, that’s my cup of tea and as I discover more and more: by far I’m not the only one. It was only this week that I had a new insight. I always considered it ‘natural’ that only women, cd’s and tv’s wear women’s clothes and lingerie, wear jewelry and use make-up. But why should that be natural? When you take an unbiased look at men dressed up and made up like a woman – on the condition that it is done properly and tasteful – it really is for the better. When I look at myself for instance, I really appreciate my looks much more when I’m ‘dressed’. Not only because of the fetish and sexual impact of it, but absolutely also from easthetical view. My point is: I think we should stop considering lingerie, make-up etc. as belonging only to the female domain. It should be perfectly normal that man dress in (made to fit) lingerie and use make-up without being held for a sissy. I’m very interested in your opinion on this subject and in the opinion of your readers as well. In short; [1] Do you like dressed up men in general? and [2] Do you agree with me that it should by regarded as normal. I would really appreciate a HONEST answer… Have a very, very nice and kinky weekend!

    1. Thank you, Kinquie, for your comment. I am addressing all this in a new blog post, that has already been written and will be posted in two weeks 🙂
      Hope your weekend was a nice one!

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