My brains are still a bit fried as I start to write this post, since I returned home from Eroticon with a cold. Or the flu. The sexy flu as Ruby Kiddell called it. I am not the only one who returned home sick after Eroticon 2014.
(Oh, and, speaking of that, post-Eroticon posts will follow soon!)

So, last week my post was about laughter and how I can laugh at the ‘wrongest’ time and that Master T do not appreciate it. Again, it is not like He never smiles or never acts silly, but during play, He expects of me to be mature and serious. This is the same reason why He would never want me to have pigtails. Even though we understand Daddy/girl relationships and respect it, that is not something we are into. Having said that, we do have our moments when we lay together in bed and He stretches out His arm for me to lie with Him and as He does so, He would say “come lie with daddy”. But this is not said in a way to make me feel like I am His little girl. It’s just a phrase we have been using sometimes in silly (see, there you have them) moments.

Will Master T want me to have pigtails when we joke around like this? No. A thousand times no. He loves my hair the way it is, loves to grab a handful of hair and pull my head backward so He can kiss me or bite my neck, but He would never want me to have pigtails. Not even for normal daily dress as a variation on the way I normally wear my hair.

That, however, did not hold me back to make some silly photos, specially for this post.

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11 thoughts on “Pigtails

  1. Aww! Feel better soon!

    I wear my hair in pigtails every so often, but (so far) not when we’re feeling sexual. Mostly when he wants me to sink into my little space so that I can take my mind off of my big girl problems and stresses.

    1. Like I said, I never wear my hair in pigtails. Master T would not like that at all. He prefers my hair hanging loose, showing its curls 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you got sick at the con too. and since I am a bit of a pig tails fan of course I enjoyed the pics.

    1. Getting sick was not in the planning, but I guess these things happen. Glad you enjoyed my pic, even though they were kinda silly 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear that you caught the “con-crud” (short for convention crud). The pic on the left really does make you look young young young . . .

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