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Laughter is not part of our kink.

With this I do not mean that we never laugh. Oh believe me, Master T and I can sometimes have very silly conversations, things I would never repeat outside of the bedroom. Those are our private moments, our silly moments, acting like children or just saying silly things and giggling about it like two children.

Master T is a lot more serious than I am. Oh, I can be serious too, but I am the one who jumps up and down (yes, literally) when something makes me happy or when I am excited for something (like Eroticon 2014). Some times Master T laughs at my silliness, as He totally understands where it comes from, and other times He just sighs dramatically and asked where the emergency exit is!

There is one time where He does not tolerate silly behaviour at all, and that is during play.
(Coming to think of it, that is kind of a contradiction, right? Maybe I should tell Master T that. Play and laughter goes together, right? Uhhh… believe me, I would not dare to tell Him this, because I know exactly what would happen. Punishment! And not the kind I like.)

Okay, as said, Master T does not tolerate silly behaviour during play. That is something serious and I need to pay attention and follow His commands. Sometimes I just cannot do this and I have to try really hard not to laugh. There are times that I just don’t succeed. Oh, and there is no given situation when I cannot control my laughter. It might happen because Master T unexpectedly gives me a command, such as the evening that I was on the couch, tired and ready to nap. I made a remark that I was happy and a bit horny and instantly I saw ‘that look’ in His eyes. He told me to get down on the floor, spread my legs and masturbate. I reacted, ‘no, no please, I’m tired’ but when He said it a second time and I saw that He was not joking and definitely close to punishing me, I obeyed. With a smirk that I quickly hid.

Sometimes I am so happy to get a command, that laughter wells up in me and escapes my mouth like a fountain. The only thing that can ever get me calm is the threat of having to sleep with the big Njoy plug all night. Master T has punished me this way in the past and it really deprived me of decent sleep, as the plug weighs down quite heavily.

Even though Master T is a strict Master and prefers to be serious during play, we have fun. It’s not like we never smile at each other or that I am never allowed to laugh. We always have fun together, whether during play, going somewhere together or at the dinner table in the evenings. We have a teen who thinks it’s very ‘cool’ that mom writes about sex (obviously she doesn’t know my website or my pseudonym), but the moment something about sex is discussed, she blushes and giggles all the way. Sometimes to the point that her tummy hurts from laughing, and mine too. And she is SO curious. She would love to know more but she would not love to know more.

I would not be able to live without laughter. I love to laugh, am an optimist (most of the time) and fun is always part of my life, be it at work, at home or in the bedroom. Or even somewhere in a dungeon.

So even IF punishment might be lurking around the corner, the corners of my mouth always tend to point upwards in a mischievous way!

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7 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. It’s important to have laughter in everyone’s life, even if we are serious a lot of the time we are built to laugh! The best stress reliever I know outside of a flogger!! 😉

    ~Mia~ xx

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