Fifth update: 101 things in 1001 days

101-1001aIt has been some time ago that I have done an update on my goal list, and it was about time I worked on it again. I have tried to keep track of things I have accomplished as we went along, but somehow I just always loose track and then when doing an update post I really have to think hard what I have done. Oh, and then, while writing this update post, I also have to add links to the tables. Every time I realize I am so behind on things I decide to keep up with it, and every time I tend to forget again!

So, I will try to sum up what I have done since the last update :

  • I have managed to make it to the last five of the Smut Marathon 2013, after which I had to leave the race.
  • I am in the Smut Marathon 2014.
  • In December 2013 I have submitted five more stories to anthology calls and yet again two more in February 2014. At this moment I am working on a story for submission in April 2014. I have completed my goal to submit at least 10 stories for possible publication in anthologies. And, I can tell you that I have already signed one contract as one of my stories has been accepted. And there is more to come… stay tuned!
  • I had a second co-author to write a story with me, but unfortunately he has just ‘disappeared’ on me. So, is there anyone out there who would like to co-write a story with me? Please get in contact with me?
  • I have read some more books and desperately need to make time to write the reviews.
  • Several more pieces of erotic fiction have been written using creative writing prompts.
  • I have done a couple of scavenger hunts, some of which have already been posted and others are still to come.
  • I am right in the middle of my goal to wear stockings at least one day a week for 6 months. I started with it on 26 October 2013 and will be done somewhere in April. Actually, that means I am more than halfway done!
  • Several photo manipulations have been added.
  • Some accomplishments for the 26 by 26 project has been added.
  • I have started on a 365 project – head over to see what photos I have made up to now.
  • While you are reading this, we are busy with preparations to go to Eroticon 2014 and at the same time I have to say that there will not be an Eroticon 2015 in the UK, but in the USA and I will not attend that. I hope that there will be a similar kind of conference I can attend in 2015 or otherwise I will have to mark this goal as failed too! But, that said, I will be at Eroticon 2016!
  • I have reached half a million views on my domain, as I wanted to do before October 2015. I might even reach a million by then! Thanks for all who frequently visit my website!
  • My twitter followers are slowly increasing and I still wonder if I will get to the absurd number of 3456 followers!
  • My highest Alexa ranking up to now has been 65.206 and believe me, I am very proud of this! Yet again, thanks to all who visit my site.

I have noticed yet again that there are quite a lot of things on my list that I have not even started on. I better get on with those, because the way time is flying by I might otherwise never reach those goals!

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4 thoughts on “Fifth update: 101 things in 1001 days

  1. Very ambitious! good luck in completing them- I hope you do- and I will be watching– and cheering!! Yeah!!

  2. I’m glad I’m not doing g something like this, I would never manage it!

    Kudos to you!

    ~Mia~ xx

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