Eroticon 2014: Sunday

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Sunday: Making the move from short stories to novels by Lucy Felthouse and Kay Jaybee
I chose this session by elimination, since I did not want to any of the longer sessions as there were too many shorter sessions that had my interest, and I am quite okay with traffic on Twitter, so did not need to go to Ruby Goodnight’s twitter session. And, last but most important: I definitely wanted to learn more about writing a novel. This session was slow to start as both Lucy and Kay had quite long introductions about themselves, leaving only half an hour for the actual session.

Thankfully, I did pick up some tips from the session:

  • don’t try too hard to get your characters into action without reason;
  • have a schedule you stick by when you write a novel, i.e. writing for an hour every day;
  • have a planning: plan per chapter, map your story out – then write it;
  • synopses and blurbs are very hard to write;
  • have a continuity checklist for your characters.

When editing was discussed I suggested using Pro Writing Aid and Text Aloud, two programs I learned about at Eroticon 2013 and have been using ever since, but I had the feeling that my contributions were not appreciated. Still, maybe someone will use them!

I recognize your vagina, not your face.Sunday: I recognize your vagina but not your face by Anna Samson
I really liked this session, even though I learned almost nothing from it. Not because Anna Samson ran it badly, but simply because I had everything that was discussed covered already. Anna Samson works under her real name, but warned us that even if you use a pseudonym, you should be prepared to be found, to be exposed. Groups of two or three people formed, to discuss just where you draw the line regarding revealing yourself to the outside world.

What? …… I will / I won’t……
Why? …… because …. (the rationale)
How? …… which means…. (put into practice)
What if? …. however….. (the exception to the rule)

In other words: I won’t write under my own name because of my family and work which means I use a pseudonym, however if they discover my work I will own up to it.

Only afterward I learned that I had my discussion with @girlonthenet which must have been my utmost fan girl moment for the weekend!

Sunday: Queer as fuck by Josephine Myles and Anna Martin
The only thing I learned in this session is that when you want to write about the kind of sex you’ve never had, you should watch porn.

Powerful Post WritingSunday: Powerful Post Writing by Molly Moore
I chose to attend this session because I have already attended an ‘Ask an editor’ session back at Eroticon 2013, but I knew I pretty much have my post writing under control. Molly gave several tips on post titles, flow and length of blog posts, ending a blog post and the layout of a post.

  • Titles: name a piece after you have written it and do not try to force it to fit into your SEO. Make your title something that makes your reader curious to read your post.
  • Opening paragraph: Other than your title, your opening paragraph should grab the attention of your reader.
  • Flow and length: check your stats to see what the average time is readers spend on your page. Don’t make your post too long, or they won’t read it. Molly recommends 500-800 words and if you run up to 1500, to split it in 2 posts. (My posts are an average of 1000 words per post, which seems to work fine.)
  • Ending paragraph: the ending of a blog post is just as important as the beginning and here you should have a sort of conclusion and make your reader want to comment on your post.
  • Layout: remember to make your post easy on the eye. Lines between paragraphs, some images, no bright colors and preferably not white text on a black background.

When you write, write for yourself, give something of yourself but always be you, don’t over-share and check your spelling and grammar!

Sunday: High tea and readings
I really enjoyed the readings at Eroticon 2013, but not that much at Eroticon 2014. This has nothing to do with the ability of the readers, but everything with being tired after two conference days and not being able to concentrate fully on the readings. I think – yet again I am voicing my opinion – that the two session days should be ended with a high. Now the readings can be seen as a high, I know, but I would much more prefer something explosive, like pole dancing or a burlesque performance. Something that would really capture the attention and keep it! Maybe something like the high tea and readings should be moved to the Sunday morning tea break, which will also mean that the readers will get more attention for their work than they did this year, as many people by then had already left to go home.


Yummy cupcakes at the Eroticon 2014 high tea


Should I have chosen different sessions to attend?
After doing this write-up I actually wondered whether there were any sessions I would have rather attended than the ones I chose, but I could not come up with any. The two hour sessions are just too long and attending those would have made me feel like I missed out on too much. Last year I wanted longer sessions, but this year I discovered that I would much rather do a lot of 45 minutes sessions than one 2-hour session. All in all, Eroticon 2014 was a good experience again and a place where I came from feeling energized and loved and accepted, even though I brought home the sexy flu! It’s a pity that there won’t be an Eroticon in the UK in 2015, but I will definitely be at Eroticon again in 2016!

To be continued… Eroticon 2014: Socializing

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  1. I like reading your perspectives of this, as it makes me compare the one eroticon I have attended. And I love the honesty, as well as you making recommendations, really agree on an explosion endings ideas.

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