Eroticon 2014: Socializing

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Okay, since I have now gotten the serious stuff out of the way, let me get on with the social side of Eroticon 2014. Eroticon is not only about learning more about writing, about the industry, but also about meeting with like-minded people. It is as much a learning event as a social event.

I apologize if this post is a bit long and maybe even mushy at times!

We arrived in Bristol early on Thursday morning. At 11am we were already in our room, unpacking our bags for the couple of days that we would be staying there. After we found a lovely Italian place to eat, we took a stroll around the harbor, before we returned to our bedroom. We had a couple of hours to kill before we would meet Molly & Michael and the newly-wed Strandeds for dinner. During those hours we had our own kind of fun, which included several orgasms and strokes with the cane. That evening we found ourselves in a different Italian restaurant than the afternoon. The food was okay, but the company was excellent. After dinner we did not want to part directly, so we ended up for some talks and fun at another venue. It was absolutely lovely to see Molly and Michael again and to meet Mr & Mrs Stranded after having spoken to them both on Twitter for quite some time. They are so very much in love!

On Friday we slept in, but by 10.30 we were sitting down for breakfast at MacKenzies in the harbor. I wanted a full English breakfast, minus the baked beans. Black pudding was included, and even though I had no idea what it was, I wanted that on my plate. It looked like chocolate and the fact that ‘pudding’ was in the name had me thinking it was something sweet. One taste of it and I immediately knew I was NOT going to eat it. Even more so when I learned that it was actually blood sausage that I had a taste of. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

That afternoon Molly and Michael were kind enough to take us out for a drive towards the lookout in Bristol, where we had a wonderful view of the river and the beautiful bridge, which is quite a landmark in Bristol. Next we stopped at the SS Great Britain and made some photos there before we returned to our hotel. Due to a very nice afternoon and being a bit ‘naughty’ while we were out, I was a horny girl again. Just like the afternoon before, several orgasms were had, but this time the cane stayed in the closet, but clamps found their way to my nipples.

For dinner we met Molly and Michael, the Strandeds, Ruby Goodnight and Harper Eliot in a Mexican restaurant. Gryphon joined us too and I was surprised to later learn that he is Dutch too! From dinner we went to the Eroticon meet and greet. The first person we saw was John D who was so incredibly kind to have a lovely bottle of whisky for Master T and later took the time to teach me about a very handy tool in Photoshop Elements! But of course there were more people to meet. Highlights were when I saw Rose, in her overly sexy dress, getting a big hug from Jilly Boyd, when CJ Forrest and Ms Jacqueline Brocker recognized me for the Wicked Wednesday meme, meeting Renee Rose and when F. Leonora Solomon said she felt like the ultimate groupie when we met. I spoke to her more later and she is such a fun woman, so friendly and kind! I loved meeting Cara Sutra and Pandora Blake and loved to see Ruby Kiddell again! Someone else we have been talking to for some time and whom it was great to meet, was Neil John.

Of course I had one moment where I really feel like I made a bit of an ass of myself. I first told Rose, but then later just had to tell the man in question too. You see, it is so difficult to know who’s who, so seeing people, I try to guess who they are and I am always wrong. But, with Exhibit Unardorned I was totally right! And why? Because I thought his face matched the body I remembered from Sinful Sunday. And yep, I told him this! Blush!

There were some people I smiled to while at the greet and meet, but I did not speak to them, partly because I can be quite shy at times and I think they might have been shy too. Some of them I got to talk to during the next two days at the conference, but I always regret afterward that I could not just muster the courage to walk to them and just have a talk! I hope to be more confident in 2016!

On Saturday we met more people and highlights definitely were meeting Anna Sky and seeing Mia More again! At one moment during the Saturday conference day I was totally speechless. That was when I met William Garland of Doxy Massager. He saw the name on my delegate card and told me that he owed me a Doxy Massager because I helped them with the name of a shop in Amsterdam. I was shocked and pleased, all at the same time and now of course am the proud owner of a Doxy Massager, which will be tested and reviewed!

Just before we moved on to the cocktail party, Master T, Rose and I went for dinner at a Thai restaurant close to our hotel. Dinner was fabulous! We had about an hour to spare before the cocktail party and spent that in our bedroom, where Rose and I executed an idea we had the night before. More of this will follow in another blog post, including pics.

Me sitting on Rose’s lap

The room where the cocktail party was just too small for all the people who attended. It was too loud, too hot (even after the windows were opened) and after noticing that my throat started aching from screaming to make myself heard to whoever I was trying to talk to, we decided to retreat to our hotel for a drink. But, before we did, I sat on Rose’s lap, as we promised we would do if Rose made it to Eroticon!

Others joined us at our hotel bar and eventually the conversation between Mr & Mrs Stranded, Rose and us went on to spankings and Rose’s carpet beater. What happened next will be told in another blog post sometime soon! And again, there will be pics. Needless to say, it was very late (or early, depending on how you feel about 3am in the morning) when we went to bed.

Sunday & Monday
After the conference on Sunday a small group went for dinner and later we went to our hotel bar for drinks. I had a great conversation with Ruby Kiddell and it might have been 1am before we went upstairs. I was not feeling well and thankful to just curl up in Master T’s arms and sleep. The next morning the same small group met for breakfast and when at last we had to say goodbye, I had to fight the tears. Some of them I will only see again in 2016 and others I hope to see much, much sooner!

Thanks to all who has made the Eroticon 2014 weekend a wonderful experience! I know I have not mentioned all who I have spoken to during the weekend, but that does not mean I did not enjoy meeting and talking to you!

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6 thoughts on “Eroticon 2014: Socializing

  1. Such a lovely write up! I was so nervous about saying hello to you, mainly cos I didn’t want to come across as a mad fan girl. I’m so pleased I did though as it was lovely to have a (albeit too brief) chat with you xxx

    1. Oh sweets, you really did not come across as a mad fan girl, but as such a lovely woman and I really enjoyed so much that we could chat. Hope to be able to chat more next time! xox

  2. Aw it sounds like you had a fantastic time socialising 🙂 I always wish I had spoken to you more! I just admire your shoes from afar xxx

    1. Let’s agree on talking more the next time? I can sometimes feel shy all of a sudden and then tend to withdraw, which is not right. Next time we will make time to talk and you can see my shoes from closer 🙂 xox

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