Eroticon 2014: Saturday

eroticonbadge1I started writing this post with a cold-infested head and edited it a couple of times, but I still wonder whether it makes sense. To help me focus, I have divided it up into different sections I want to write about, such as the conference itself, the social events, the people we met and the scavenger hunts we did. However, you will have to wait for the latter, because those will be in different posts in the coming weeks.

So let’s get on with it… starting with my review of the conference.

Saturday: the keynote session
After the lovely Ruby Kiddell opened the conference with a heartfelt welcome, it was time for the keynote session that had the title “Censorship: from on-line to print how censorships affects you.” This session was done by Myles Jackman, Zak Jane Keir and Pandora Blake.

Some quotes from the session:

  • If censorship is the answer, it was a fucking stupid question (Zak Jane Keir)
  • Censorship is always used by the powerful to control the powerless (Zak Jane Keir)
  • On what planet, in what universe are the ones who want to burn books the good guys? (Zak Jane Keir)
  • Obscenity laws always seem to be written around sex, not violence (Myles Jackman)
  • Classic porn is usually published by big publishing houses that have high priced lawyers and no one would go after (Myles Jackman)
  • Basically no payment company will let you sell menstrual porn despite it being legal and natural (Pandora Blake)

It was interesting to learn about all the things that you can be prosecuted for in the UK. Not only when you engage in them, but also when you write about them in your erotic fiction! Also, listening to what Pandora Blake told us about credit card companies, made me wonder about the ones I use. If things like these happen in the UK, how long before other countries follow?

Saturday: Using Words: Making labels work for you by Molly Moore and Harper Eliot
I have attended Molly’s sessions at Eroticon 2013 and like the way she presents, but I loved the way she and Harper tag-teamed this one. Labels are such interesting things. Mostly we do not want to be labeled, but somehow we need to have a label to ‘explain’ who and what we are. You can even make up your own labels, which means the label will really be yours and you will not try to fit into an already existing label. I think the big lesson in this session is to keep in mind that the same label can mean different things to two different people. For example: if someone tells me that she is submissive, it will probably mean something totally different to her from what it means to me.

Taking labels to writing erotic fiction, you should remember that when you label your character in your book, people will assume that they know your character. It is better to use descriptions for your characters and not label them. And always make sure not to label your book with a title!

Saturday: Body language – knowing your arse from your elbow in sex writing by Lily Hastings
This was a fun session. Lily really knows her stuff and she has a fun and easy way of presenting a session. She quickly took us through the anatomy of the body, where she specifically pointed out the difference between prone and supine, and took us towards the sexual cycle. I learned that where the tip of the penis has 4000 nerve endings, the clitoris has 8000! Also, something I knew but never stopped to think about: you need the clitoris to be stimulated to reach orgasm. Lily ended her session with pelvic floor exercises – not only for the women, but also for the men. Just do 10 times 10 second holds and 10 times 10 quick squeezes three times a day and you will definitely experience better orgasms, whether you are male or female! Just writing that immediately had me squeezing and holding!

Saturday: Photography workshop by Molly Moore
This photography workshop was initially going to be done by Jay Emme, but unfortunately a family emergency prevented her from attending the conference. Molly was kind enough to step in and run the session, even though she had nothing prepared. And she did so brilliantly, I might add.

Tips from Molly:

  • a posh camera is not necessary;
  • a remote is a must have for self-photography;
  • Lightroom 4 of Adobe is great for adjustments to your photos;
  • shooting from a downward angle is better than up the body;
  • be creative and most of all BE BRAVE!

tagteamSaturday: Tag team traffic building session by Ruby Goodnight and Michael Knight
Even though I have quite some traffic on my site, I wanted to attend this session as I know Michael always has some great tips, and I failed to see Ruby in action at Eroticon 2013. As suspected, several useful tips were shared in this session, that was clearly well prepared by the two presenters. I have several things I need and want to check for my site, to make sure that I have everything under control and I know where my traffic comes from and what my readers want. Behind the scene changes will be made! And this session reminded me that I need to keep an eye on my Google Analytics again, which is something I have neglected for far too long!

Saturday: Ecstatic BDSM Demonstration by London Faerie
When I read that there would be a BDSM demonstration, I was very excited. I really wanted to go to this, really wanted to see it. I went. I saw. And I was disappointed. At times I even felt embarrassed. I turned my head away. Yes. There were elements that I liked, like the 12 strikes Marti received with Renee Rose’s business card paddle. But I did not like the fact that she barely reacted to the pain. I liked the collar. Not the collaring. Never, never have I known or seen or experienced that a collar being put around a sub can instantly send her into subspace. But I loved the collar and I would love to have one like it. I am sad that this demonstration was not what I expected it to be. Maybe I was wrong to expect anything of it, and should have entered it with a blank mind, but I think even then I still would have turned my head away in embarrassment, as things happening on the stage made me feel uncomfortable. I have not learned anything from the demonstration and think that people who are not into the BDSM scene, but who want to write about it, might now have an impression of BDSM that – in my opinion – is not representative of it at all!
(Sorry if I hurt anyone with this, but this is my opinion. This was certainly a case of your kink is not my kink.)

To be continued… Eroticon 2014: Sunday

© Rebel’s Notes

8 thoughts on “Eroticon 2014: Saturday

  1. I’m also intrigued about the credit card info. Sorry to hear about your cold. Not everything was what I expected or appreciated at the Eroticon in USA, but overall I really enjoyed it – like you, and I appreciate your honesty on it.

    1. I definitely enjoyed it overall and know that not all sessions can be what we expect of it. I will definitely go to the next Eroticon, because I learn something new every time.

  2. Hmm that is very interesting about the BDSM demo. London Faerie did one at the very first eroticon with Lori and it was simply beautiful. I have no idea what the premise for the demonstration was for this eroticon, but at the first eroticon, it was to show the sensual side of BDSM. Because the impression to writers was just to write a bunch of aggressive scenes between the characters. London and Lori made a fantastic match and the whole thing was actually beautiful. I guess something different was done for this one.

    Having said that though, there was an implements and rope demo at the USA eroticon and it was … meh. One of the female volunteers was a bit over the top with her reactions. It was a turn off for me, but I guess other people were probably enamored by her level of submissiveness.

    1. I’ve heard that the demonstration in 2012 was a lot better than this one. The demonstration was not done with Lori this time, which might explain the difference.

  3. I actually found the BDSM demonstration very moving. That said it was my first real life experience of seeing something like this.

    I certainly found it eye opening and liked some the interesting touches they did with it. But, that said, I guess it’s a bit like having a shot of Glenfiddich and assuming that’s what all whiskey tastes like. 😉

    1. I think we should arrange for you to have a demonstration of another side of BDSM – either by Molly & Michael or by Master T and myself 😉
      Then you will know that your remark about Glenfiddich is really fitting 😀

  4. I am intrigued to know what the information was regarding credit cards in the UK.

    It is a shame that the demonstration was not enjoyable as when I looked at the various seminars that would also have been one that I may have been interested in attending.

    Sounds as though the majority of the Saturday went well otherwise!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. There are quite a lot of people who enjoyed the demonstration. I do understand that there are different levels in BDSM, but what was demonstrated (ecstatic BDSM) was just not my thing. It was just a bit too much to my liking.

      But, as you said, the majority of Saturday was definitely enjoyable!

      Rebel xox

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