Eroticon 2014: The preparation

eroticon2014aAs you are reading this, we are on our way to Bristol. We are scheduled to land in Bristol just before 10am and we hope to be at our hotel by 11am. Let the games begin… oh no wait, I am not on my way to the Olympics. Let the sexy fun start!

For Eroticon 2013 I started packing about a month before the conference. This year I only started packing the weekend before we would leave. Oh, of course I have been thinking a lot about what I would take with me and I made a bit of a list, but I wasn’t really worried about packing. I wasn’t as panicky and nervous about it all as I normally get.

Last year, I was one of the people who asked Ruby for longer sessions. I was happy to see the longer sessions on there, combined with the shorter ones of 45 minutes. I saw the list grow, but chose not to look at the sessions until two weeks before Eroticon 2014. Then I printed the list and sat down to see what sessions were planned. I ended up choosing only 45 minutes sessions. There are some interesting longer sessions, but that would mean I would miss out on some of the other topics which were part of the shorter sessions. So I opted for shorter sessions again.

Something that is part of my planning for the weekend, is knowing where we would be during the evenings. But don’t worry, we have all evenings covered, starting on Thursday when we will have dinner with old and new friends, then on to the pre-conference drinks in ‘our’ hotel on Friday evening and the cocktail party on Saturday. And I am SO excited about the cocktail party. Where we will end up on Sunday evening is still to be decided, but we will find something fun to do, for sure!

Clothes and tickets were other things I needed to sort. About a week and a half before Eroticon 2014 I printed all our tickets. Flight tickets. Bus tickets. Eroticon tickets. Our hotel booking. Our booking for parking at the airport. Everything. And then, less than a day before we were due to leave I realized I have not printed our flight tickets, but only the confirmation of our booking. I had never received the tickets. I contacted the airline on Twitter and really, within an hour I had our tickets. Their service was brilliant!

Clothes was the other thing that needed to be arranged. For the last week before we left, about 15 dresses hung on our closet for me to see them and decide which I wanted to take. Eventually I packed 10 of them! I know I won’t be wearing them all, but at least I will have all of them with me IF I want to wear them. And shoes. I took shoes. Several pairs. I love my Iron Fist shoes, but I also took other sexy and stunning shoes with me. Just like with the dressed I have no idea if I will wear all of them, but at least I will have them with me. Oh and then I took stockings and a couple of cardigans. And my coat. And that’s it. Did I miss anything, you think?

Business cards, chargers, a plug converter, mobile phone, tablet, pen, notebook, make-up, tablets, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Etc. Etc…. yes,all of those are packed too. And I have seen there’s a supermarket not far from the hotel, so if I forgot anything, we can get it from there. As long as I have my sexy clothes and shoes with me, I have everything I need.

So here we are, en route to Eroticon 2014 and I am so excited to see old friends and meet new ones. I have been looking forward to this weekend for almost a year and I intend to enjoy it. Even more so because Master T and I will have unlimited time together to enjoy each other company and whatever sexy things come on our way while we are in Bristol!

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6 thoughts on “Eroticon 2014: The preparation

  1. There seems to be something missing from your list…. but I can’t quite work out what it is… something to do with underwear I think 😉

    *waves from just down the street


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