Single collar

Last week, for challenge #16, I showed you my three day collars. For the next challenge of the 26 by 26 project I am showing you only one collar, but this time it is one that I won’t be able to wear to the same places as I do the others.

But first, what is challenge #17?

Make a picture that strives to demonstrate empathy for a subject you may not have necessarily felt a sense of emotional connection to before.
– Zun Lee


I could not have felt anything for the new RVS collar we have bought at a kinky warehouse sale, because it was not in my possession before. But, the moment it was fitted around my neck at the sale, I fell in love with it. So many feelings went through me the moment Master T placed it around my neck. It’s quite heavy and I am constantly aware of the cold steel against my neck. To some the O-ring might imply that I am a slave. To me it’s symbol of my submission. I feel an emotional connection with it and it is symbol of my intense connection with Master T. I cannot wait for the moment that I will be wearing this collar, be it in a ‘play’ scene or when we are out with like-minded people.


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