Pub Flash

Every Thursday and some Saturdays we go to our local pub. It’s in our local shopping center and only open when the shops are open. Twice a year they have a ‘shopping Sunday’ and then we always try to go there too. The bar can be seen from the passage way between the shops and through the glass windows. One Sunday afternoon I sat at the bar, pulled my dress up and spread my legs for Master T. He blocked the view from the shops through the window and made a photo. On my left the personnel behind the bar could just not see my crotch and behind my back the two men had no idea what I was doing…


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I should have spread my legs just a bit wider, as you can just not see my pussy clearly, but I can assure you that it is my pussy you see there. My stocking run right up to the top of my legs, and above that I was naked.

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