Another Scavenger Hunt

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

 Back in November, on a chilly Saturday, Master T and I came back from our regular hangout. We had a wonderful time with nice friends and we were not ready to go back home yet, so we decided to take a detour walking back home. It was roundabout 7pm and definitely not quiet outside, but we still found the perfect opportunity for a bus stop scavenger hunt. Then we decided to walk on and we ended up doing another scavenger hunt. I have no idea what to call this one, as I was standing on a small bridge, but I have already done a bridge scavenger hunt. We were standing right in the middle of a neighborhood, not far from our house. Behind me was a block of flats and in front of me (you can see it on the photos) a house where I could see a woman talking to her son. He stood with his back to me, but she faced me. I don’t think she saw me…

(click to enlarge)

I think it’s up to Dee to decide whether this is a second ‘bridge’ scavenger hunt, or if it can be put down as another location. There is a footpath leading across the bridge and this kind of gate or ‘speed obstacle’ for cyclists right in the middle of the bridge.

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