Another Scavenger Hunt

 Back in November, on a chilly Saturday, Master T and I came back from our regular hangout. We had a wonderful time with nice friends and we were not ready to go back home yet, so we decided to take a detour walking back home. It was roundabout 7pm and definitely not quiet outside, but we still found the perfect opportunity for a bus stop scavenger hunt. Then we decided to walk on and we ended up doing another scavenger hunt. I have no idea what to call this one, as I was standing on a small bridge, but I have already done a bridge scavenger hunt. We were standing right in the middle of a neighborhood, not far from our house. Behind me was a block of flats and in front of me (you can see it on the photos) a house where I could see a woman talking to her son. He stood with his back to me, but she faced me. I don’t think she saw me…

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I think it’s up to Dee to decide whether this is a second ‘bridge’ scavenger hunt, or if it can be put down as another location. There is a footpath leading across the bridge and this kind of gate or ‘speed obstacle’ for cyclists right in the middle of the bridge.

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33 thoughts on “Another Scavenger Hunt

  1. This was a great flash, Rebel – and definitely a location worth adding! After some judicious thought, I’ve decided on calling it ‘Speed obstacles/bumps’ – that way it includes the big bumps they put on the roads to slow cars, as well as the gate things for bikes that you were in front of. There’s some flexibility.

    As always, your arse is utterly delicious, too.

    xx Dee

    1. I am so chaffed that you have been able to make this a notch! And love the speed obstacles/bumps category. I now have the list on my phone, so will be hunting for more notches 🙂

      Thanks, Dee xox

  2. I can’t wait to get back into this too when the weather warms back up! Not quite sure what to call this either, but I applaud the exhibitionism 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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