Red hot start

In the last week of January I saw a message from Molly that she has decided that February will be the month in which she was going to attempt to reach one of the goals on her 101 list. She was going to post one photo a day for a month. But, Molly decided to take it one step further. She invited other bloggers to join her in this madness… and that was the start of the #febphotofest

I admit, I was tempted.

But I decided not to do it. I am already doing two 365 projects and I have quite some posts scheduled in advance for February. So no, I was not going to participate.

But, I was tempted.

I think it took me all of three days to decide that I can do this. That I have enough photos to share. That there was a way to work around some posts I had already scheduled. Or to work a photo into the posts I have already scheduled, or the ones I am planning to schedule.

So here I am, with a red hot start to the #febphotofest


(click to enlarge)

This is one of the photos Master T has made of me during our summer holiday in 2013. I have quite some photos from two wonderful photo shoots and I think more of those photos will be share during this month, as they have never been shared before.

Do you want to participate too? Come on, please do! The more participants, the more fun. Just click the button below, check out Molly’s page for the rules and start sharing your sexy photos!

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14 thoughts on “Red hot start

  1. Love how you filtered the red. Looking forward to seeing the other photos. Best Wishes & Good Luck with all the challenges. I understand the feeling of being spread too thin. Because I think I did bite off a bit too much as far as challenges go. ugh.

    1. I think you will be great with this month’s photos too. Just keep on going 🙂

      Thanks for your comment & compliment 🙂

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