Product review: Nomi Tang "Getaway Luxe"

I was approached by someone at Nomi Tang after she had accidentally came across my blog. She offered me one of their sex toys to test and write a review about. I checked their different products and then expressed my interest in two toys:
* Getaway
* Better than Chocolate 2

On the day the parcel arrived I was stunned when I received BOTH toys to test! Thank you Nomi Tang and I hope you like my review!

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Packaging & Contents
DSC06060aI was pleasantly surprised with the nice way the product was packed. There was a box of a thin, firm kind of paper with the image of the toy on the outside. Other than that the box simply said (on the top front): Nomi Tang: Getaway – Luxe. Inside this box was a firmer box that resembled a jewelry box. Not only the look on the outside, but certainly on the inside. The box was lined with satin and in the bed of satin rested the Getaway Luxe. To the back of the box was a tiny instruction booklet. A tiny piece of protective film covered the control on the center back of the toy.

Under the vibrator is a special travel pouch for the Getaway Luxe.

Shape ‘n Size ‘n Material
The toy is what is called a ‘stick’ vibrator of 28 centimeters in length with a slight curve at the top end. At the back of the vibrator, where the control button is situated, it flares out in two ‘wings’. The Getaway Luxe has a diameter of 3.4 centimeters where the Getaway Pure is 3.2 centimeters in diameter and the Wild 3.9 centimeters. The vibrator weighs 112 grams out of the box and 338 grams in the box.

The Getaway Luxe is made of food grade silicon.
DSC06065aSilicone is a good material for sex toys because it is able to resist extreme temperatures and oxidation. Some silicon sex toys even mimic the feel of human skin! Silicone is hypoallergenic and hygienic. The Getaway Luxe feels soft, like skin and I would say Nomi Tang has succeeded in making it feel like skin.

How does it work?
The Getaway Luxe has a touchpad control at the back end of the vibrator, between the two wings. Just in front of this control pad is the on/off button. Before you can start using the toy you have to insert two AA batteries, which are not included with the toy. To insert the batteries you turn the front and back parts of the toy counterclockwise to separate them. Batteries are inserted into the battery tray and this should then be put back into the toy. Depending on the quality of batteries you use, you can have up to 4.5 hours of pleasure with one set of batteries.

Once you have turned the toy on, you can slide your finger over the touchpad control to control the intensity. There is a NT logo on the touchpad and when you keep your finger on it for two seconds, it changes the pattern of the vibrations. To lock or unlock the pattern of vibrations, you keep your finger on the opposite end of the slider control, away from the NT logo. The light turns red when the vibrations are locked. If the touchpad is covered in liquid, like when you use it under the shower, the toy will automatically be locked in the vibrations and you first have to dry the touchpad off to change the vibrations.

After using the toy you can simply clean it with soap and warm water. The Getaway Luxe is waterproof up to 1 meter. As long as it is closed properly it can be fully emerged in water.

My experience with the toy
DSC06070aThe first (and only) mistake I made with the toy was to take out the battery tray, insert the batteries into the toy and then turned it on. I almost panicked trying to turn it off. The kids were in the room next door and my heart was beating in my throat, almost knowing that they must have heard me. No, I thought, no, this cannot be! Is this toy really this noisy? And then I realized that the battery tray is not there for nothing! Once the batteries were in the tray and the tray inside the toy, it buzzed quite nicely and I could play without the kids hearing anything.

The slight curve at the tip of the toy was just enough for it to reach my G-spot, which is a stimulation I really like. The diameter of the toy filled me up perfectly. The touchpad is quite easy to reach while the toy is in use. The only thing I had difficulty with, was to find the best way to hold the toy in one hand. At first I only had one of the ‘wings’ between my fingers, but then I used two hands and gripped both of the wings. This way I could put more pressure on the toy. Eventually I managed to grab both wings in one hand and at the same time move the toy in and out, as well as apply upward pressure on the toy.

The toy felt good against my skin, both on the outside and the inside. The curve at the end could have been just a bit more prominent, but then I should have asked for the Getaway Wild, which is for G-spot stimulation.

DSC06088aA nice orgasm concluded my testing of this toy.

* Beautiful packaging
* Beautiful design
* Easy controls
* Not noisy
* It can take some adjusting of your hand(s) to get the best hold on the toy
* The toy has a one year guarantee

Where to buy?
In the Netherlands:
* Drake’s of LA in Amsterdam (physical store)

Find other selling points and distributors in the rest of the world.

Thank you, Nomi Tang, for sending me this product and the opportunity to test it.

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