Product review: Nomi Tang “Better than Chocolate 2”

I was approached by someone at Nomi Tang after she had accidentally came across my blog. She offered me one of their sex toys to test and write a review about. I checked their different products and then expressed my interest in two toys:
* Getaway
* Better than Chocolate 2

On the day the parcel arrived I was stunned when I received BOTH toys to test! Thank you Nomi Tang and I hope you like my review!

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Packaging & Contents
DSC06051aJust like with the other toy, I was surprised by the nice way the product was packed. On the outside was a thing outer box with the print: Nomi Tang – Better than Chocolate 2. The square inside box had a magnetic lid. On opening it revealed the toy on a bed of silver-grey sating. Something that I instantly noticed was that, unlike the Getaway Luxe, this toy did not have a piece of protective film over the control touchpad. To the back of the box, under another ‘lid’ was the cable to charge the toy. On the one end was the jack that goes into the toy, the other had a USB connector. Another thing that I also expected to find in the box was a travel pouch, but this toy does not seem to come with that, which is awkward since the other toy had one in it and this kind of made me think that all of the Nomi Tang toys would have travel pouches.

Shape ‘n Size ‘n Material
The Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate 2 has a unique shape. I cannot say otherwise than that it is shaped to perfectly fit a woman’s body ‘down there’. It fits perfectly in your hand and follows the shape of your crotch.

DSC06055aThis waterproof toy is made of FDA silicon and has a compact size of 8.5 centimeters by 4.7 centimeters by 4.2 centimeters. It weighs 56 grams out of the box and 228 grams in the box.

How does it work?
The Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate 2 can be charged using the cable that was included in the package. When fully charged, the rechargeable battery has a lifetime of 2-4 hours. During charging the LED flashes red and it will turn to blue when it is fully charged.

The toy is turned on using the on/off button just off the slider. Once it is turned on, you can slide your finger over the touchpad control to control the intensity. There is a NT logo on the touchpad and when you keep your finger on it for two seconds, it changes the pattern of the vibrations. To lock or unlock the pattern of vibrations, you keep your finger on the opposite end of the slider control, away from the NT logo. The light turns red when the vibrations are locked. If the touchpad is covered in liquid, like when you use it under the shower, the toy will automatically be locked in the vibrations and you first have to dry the touchpad off to change the vibrations.

After using the toy you can simply clean it with soap and warm water. The Better than Chocolate 2 is waterproof up to 1 meter.

My experience with the toy
DSC06057aOnce I have unpacked the toy and held it in my hand to feel the shape, I pushed the button to turn it on. Oops, it had to be charged first. I was in the bedroom and my laptop and all chargers were downstairs. I did not want to go downstairs in my dressing gown and having to explain to the kids just why I was not dressed anymore. Then I remembered the tiny adapter of one of my other toys. I used this and plugged the toy in. When it was charged well enough to use, I turned the toy on.

I pushed the top end against my clitoris and held it there with one finger, while my thumb moved over the touchpad slider to change the vibrations. Once I have found a vibration I liked, I wanted to work myself up towards an orgasm. Holding the toy in place was a bit tiring and I looked for a different way to do it. My pillow helped me. I trapped the toy between my body and the pillow and pushed my crotch against the vibrations. This worked for me and I climaxed. I can see where it would be much nicer using this toy together with Master T, for instance having it trapped between our bodies when he fucks me.

* Beautiful packaging
* Nice design
DSC_6908a* Striking color
* Easy controls
* Not noisy
* My hands got tired holding the toy, but I trapped it between my legs and that was nice!
* The toy has a one year guarantee

Where to buy?
In the Netherlands:
* Drake’s of LA in Amsterdam (physical store)

Find other selling points and distributors in the rest of the world.

Thank you, Nomi Tang, for sending me this product and the opportunity to test it.

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