Posture training (week 7 to 14)

Continued from… Posture training (week 4 to 6)

In week 7 I was still on 8 minutes and it was in the second half of this week that I noticed that it started getting easier. Yes, my legs still had pins and needles in them when I got up after the 8 minutes, but somehow the time seemed to pass quicker. I guess this just meant I was getting ready to add a minute, but I decided to discuss it with Master T on the last night of week 7 – which is day 49 of the training – and let Him make the decision whether I should move on to 9 minutes or not.

Master T wanted to know what my legs felt like, if I would be able to handle another minute added to it. Some evenings were worse than others, but since I did have some good evenings in the last week of 8 minutes, we decided that we would up it to 9 minutes on day 50 of this training. For how long I would be on 9 minutes, remained to be seen. I had the feeling that December would be the month of 9 minutes and that I would only see the 10 minutes in 2014.

The first two nights of 9 minutes were difficult. My right ankle hurt, but my legs felt heavy and uncomfortable too. This was not only after I have sat for a couple of minutes, but right from the moment I assumed the position. I shifted around a couple of times to find the most comfortable position, but it still hurt and felt uncomfortable. So I just sat still and endured the pain and discomfort until the alarm announced that the 9 minutes were up. During the day I started doing stretching exercises again, to try and loosen up the muscles again. It seemed to have helped as the third and fourth nights were easier. I did not fiddle around as much to find a better position and my legs felt better when the training was over than it did the two nights before.

The training nights differed a lot. Some nights I sat still with almost no fiddling around, other nights I felt like I constantly had to adjust my legs or my foot. My ankle did not hurt as much anymore as it did in the earlier weeks of the training. Yes, there were some nights that it hurt, but mostly it was okay. I started counting during the training. I counted the seconds. Sometimes I counted back from 9 minutes, other times I started counting at 1 and wanted to see how far I got with counting before the timer would tell me the 9 minutes were over. Almost always I lost count somewhere along the way. The timer always sounded long before I reached the zero seconds or halfway through counting I had to start all over again.

Christmas was no reason not to do my training. Some beautiful photos were made during this time. However, a quick trip to London did interrupt my training. On the Friday night before we left, I showered and before I got dressed, I did my training. We only returned home on Sunday early in the morning. I was exhausted. My legs hurt from lots of walking and an uncomfortable position in the bus. Master T decided that I was not going to do my training. He wanted me to rest. Eventually the rest period lasted for quite some time due to other personal circumstances getting in the way.

posture training
Photos made by Master T
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Sometimes people asked why I am doing this training. In the beginning it was to see how long I would be able to hold this position, but in the weeks it has transformed to a posture training – straight back, head bent down, arms behind my back. At the same time it was a moment for me to be quiet, to reflect. Even though I counted, my thoughts were all over the place. Maybe that was the reason why I constantly lost count. At the same time this training is a way for me to honor Mijnheer, to have Him look at my body, to have Him share me with the rest of the world through His tweets. And, this was the position that would be used during play nights, when I wait for Him to get things ready and turn His attention to me. This to me is a perfect way to be calm, contend and have my focus on Him and my submission to Him.

To be continued… eventually!

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  1. Hello, I wanted to stop in say hello… I love your site… I will read more….


    Little Kaninchen

  2. This is a lovely series of posts.

    Something that may help to stretch your ankles is when kneeling to (very very gently) rock back towards your toes placing your hands behind you to support you, if you can carefully lift your knees slightly off the ground, if you get any sharp pain in the knees or ankles stop immediately. Its something that I used to do to help stretch the front of my ankles to be able to execute Varjasana in yoga. Hope it helps!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. I am enjoying this series. It has nothing to do with your near naked state in the photos. O no, not interested in that at all. Not even a little bit. *Silverdrop snorts in derision in the background*

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