Handcuffs, red nails and stockings...
Handcuffs, red nails and stockings…


… one of the first things Master T bought when we entered a formal relationship, were a set of hand and ankle cuffs. This was long before we made the commitment to be in a D/s relationship. If labels are needed, we might have been seen as a vanilla couple back then, with some kinky tendencies. But then again, is that even a label? Okay, I know that is not the discussion over here. Let’s get back to handcuffs.

We have two sets of handcuffs. The first pair Master T bought was kind of stiff. Leather cuffs, but maybe because they were not used that much, the leather stayed hard. We rarely use them nowadays. The matching collar that He bought with the cuffs is hard too and I see it as my punishment collar. But I digress again.

The second pair of handcuffs that Master T bought are thicker, sturdier and lined with a soft fabric on the inside. These have matching ankle cuffs too and I love feeling them around my wrists and ankles.

Handcuffs are always used when Master T wants to restrain me. We are not much into bondage, mainly because Master T is just not as creative with rope as others and I am still to try self-bondage. When the cuffs are around my wrists at home, mostly my arms are tied to the bed, using rope. It’s not like Master T cannot use rope at all. With the cuffs around my wrists we know for sure that the blood flow won’t be cut and I can still be secured to the bed. In the same manner my ankles could be secured to the bed and it will leave me spread-eagled and at Master T’s mercy.

But I am not always secured to the bed when I wear my cuffs. Many times Master T put them around my wrists to either secure my hands together in front or behind my body, depending which side of me he wants to ‘torture’. Hands in front of my body mostly means that my bottom will receive some attention, hands behind my body means my breasts get a turn… and a twist.

Feeling the cuffs around my wrists has mixed effects on me. It calms me and at the same time I feel my heart racing, because I don’t know what will happen. And even though I don’t know what will happen, I feel resignation in whatever will happen. Combine the cuffs with the collar around my neck and these feelings are all intensified. I love these mixed feelings, love the adrenaline rushing through my veins and even more so when my hands are secured in whatever way. I won’t say that putting the cuffs around my wrists sends me straight into subspace, but many times this is the first step towards it. It sure makes me feel my submission the moment the mixture of feelings hit me,

Oh and believe me, there are also moments when I curse the cuffs. Like when the cuffs have been clipped onto the rings on the St. Andrew’s cross and my behind is receiving a beating by whichever implement Master T is holding in His hand. Then I wish I could move my hands and protect my bottom. Then those cuffs feel less soft and less comfortable because I fight against my restraints and I feel the cuffs biting into my flesh. But because of the soft lining it never leaves marks around my wrists, not for long anyway.

We have a third pair of cuffs, also with matching ankle cuffs and a collar, but these have not been used that much. This third set are leather cuffs too, but they are covered with a piece of steel which make them less flexible, but that much more strong. Each of them has to be closed with a lock and if ever the key is lost… well, then I am stuck with those cuffs around me. That thought doesn’t really scare me…

Cuffs & Petals
Cuffs & Petals

One thing I would still love to have are real police cuffs. I know those are much less comfortable than the ones we use now, but I am very much intrigued by those silver steel ones. I guess those will leave marks on your wrist if you fight being restrained just a bit too much.

I cannot imagine our kink life without cuffs. They are always in Master T’s kink bag and go with us when we go to a playdate or to stay over in a hotel. They have been part of our relationship from the very start and will be a part of us for as long as we can engage in kinky play, which will be many, many years, I hope!

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  1. Marie those are a beautiful pair of cuffs, I love the second picture with the roses.

  2. Like you, I am all about the comfort when it comes to cuffs. I have skinny, bony wrists and if I’m going to be struggling or am trying to support my weight/balance on them I can’t handle any digging in. Jane xxx

    1. I would love to see some marks left by handcuffs on my wrists, but I am sure I would hate them after some time. Not the marks, but the cuffs.

      Rebel xox

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