The crop, resting on the place where I love to feel it.
The crop, resting on the place where I love to feel it.
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Now, I really was not looking to buy any Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise, but once I got the crop I was quite impressed with it. Even more so when Master T used it on me the first time. It had quite a bite in it that had me flinching away from it and Him smiling in satisfaction at such a ‘nice implement’. We have only used it once since that first evening, but (and don’t tell Master T this) I am looking forward to the next time we use it.

So when was the first time I felt a crop touching my body? It must have been on our very first playdate. And then again after a weekend together with the same couple. Oh how many times have I felt the crop (and other implements) that weekend and how many marks have it left on my body. If I remember correctly, the crop Master R used during these two (and other) dates, has a very narrow piece of leather at the end. The Fifty Shades of Grey riding crop that I won has a piece of letter on the end that is two, maybe even three times as wide as that. I will have to feel both of them directly after each other to know which hurts the most.

The crop resting on my body
The crop resting on my body
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What I love about a crop is the nice mark it immediately leaves on my body. Oh yes, it hurts when it touches my body, but the marks are beautiful. Yes, I have a marks fetishism, as has become clear in a previous kink of the week post. I love to see the marks afterward and I prefer marks to last for days before they disappear. Sometimes they even disappear too quickly to my liking.

Writing this, I desperately want to feel the crop on my body again. It’s such a pity that we cannot use it here at home, but who knows, we might be able to take it with us when we travel to Bristol in two weeks!

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21 thoughts on “Crops

  1. Now I’m going have to go consider buying a 50 shades crop. You know just so I can compare the marks it leaves compared with the other ones.

  2. Have never yet decided whether or not I like the crop, somedays it feels really good and another day all I want is for it to go away! It is something that has never taken me to sub-space. However switching the roles and using it – LOVE IT!!!

    Love the images that you have put with this post!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Thanks, the images have been made specially for this post, not taken from our archives this time.

      You can use the crop on me, anytime πŸ˜‰

      Rebel xox

  3. We have a horse crop from Amazon – cost Β£3 IIRC – in the cupboard.

    It is used for infringements.

    And it bloody hurts!

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