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Whenever I see or hear ‘pony play’ my mind instantly wanders to the Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Pony play was one of the ways that the slaves served their Mistresses and Masters. Where I am not into pony play and have no desire at all to even try it, I do find it incredibly intriguing.

A random fact about me: I am highly allergic to horses and anything that goes with it, such as the straw in the stables. I get an instant asthma attack. But, I adore horses. I think they are magnificent creatures; beautiful, proud, noble. The way they hold their heads when they walk, their strong legs when they gallop, the pride they show when they walk slowly. Yes, horses are magnificent creatures.

Keeping those ‘personality’ traits in mind, I think of people who engage in pony play. I can totally imagine them feeling beautiful, proud and noble when serving there Mistresses and Masters. I can imagine the feelings they might have in being a good pony, in trotting around for their Mistresses and Masters. How proud they must feel when they pull a cart with their owner sitting in it. Yes, I can totally imagine how happy it makes them to serve.

humantoponyResearching pony play, I came across an interesting website called Ponyplay Info and Resources. I clicked on ‘Ponyplay FAQ’ and came across a little diagram (see right) which I found almost as intriguing as I find pony play. Apparently there are two different kinds of pony play – forced pony play and equine role play. In the first, the person still considers himself human, but he is treated like an animal. This type of play frequently involves humiliation whereas equine role play does not involve humiliation, as the person does not feel human anymore and animals in general cannot be humiliated. I find this an interesting distinction between the two.

Both forced and equine pony play involve elements of BDSM, and many ponies enjoy this aspect of pony play. Ponies fall into one of the following categories:
* Cart ponies
* Riding ponies
* Show ponies
Many ponies fall into two of the above categories.

For play different kinds of tack and equipment can be used, such as bits and bit accessories, bridles and halters, harnesses, hooves, masks, plumes, saddles and a lot more. This site – Ponyplay Info and Resources – has a lot of information about the equipment, but also about pony training and veterinary play. I guess the latter is a totally different kind of kink too.

As I wrote this, I thought of another book I have read and reviewed: Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield. In this book she (Carrie) is trained at a pony farm so she could be sold at an auction. Once again, pony play is not my thing, but I definitely was intrigued when reading about the thoughts and feelings Carrie had before and during her training.

Pony play is an intriguing subject, but not intriguing enough for me to want to try it myself. But, I love looking at pictures of it and read more about it. There are some secondary aspects of it that really interest me a lot!

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