Guest Post: Manners

Saturday is when we sit in front of the TV, watching some porn, laughing at those actresses who scream all the time as if they were literally impaled, laughing at those men who hawk as if they were pigs being slaughtered. I laugh the most because she has something else to do.

Of course, as she sucks me off while peeking at the TV screen, I cannot wonder if she could really be an actress herself; granted kind of a poor actress, but one whatsoever.

Mignonne, with her dark hair cut short underlying the beauty of her big dark eyes, with breasts barely fitting the palms of my hands, with a perfect abdomen, and one of the wettest cooches I have ever seen, she would be perfect for playing the naughty cheerleader, or the nerdy schoolgirl who doesn’t know what to do with the gym teacher’s rod. Yes, she would be a perfect actress, granted if only a poor one.

Yes, we did play some naughty games in front of our computer, a couple of years ago, so that everyone could see us. Yes, we took orders from some other men who told her to spread her legs and take it balls deep, and yes, we listened as if we were their sex toys – so to speak. Yes, we had our own cam shows, on and webcamsites, but that was back in the days when I still had the patience of listening to what other people want, of listening to her saying she was interested in doing some crazy stuff, for other people to see. I was always on the third place back then. Now, when I cover her face with cum I want to be the only one to see her.

Now it’s all about me, all about how she performs whatever I tell her to. If I want to watch some supermodel taking it up her ass, then she just has to sit quietly, with one hand soaked between her legs and with the other driving my shaft in her mouth. Just like now, when this chick squeezes her legs on her breasts and that dude, that horse more likely, penetrates her with all his might.

I hear my girl sigh, as if she wanted that big dong inside of her. I caress her hair gently and whisper to her “look at me”. She doesn’t hear me, she is to exited, she gives me the best sloppy BJ ever, she is careful not to bight to hard, she peeks at the TV screen, she fingers herself, she caresses my balls, she presses her small titties on my knees: of course she doesn’t hear me and of course I didn’t want her to hear me from the beginning.

“You want that?” I yell, suddenly standing up.
She looks at me, with her big innocent eyes, slowly wiping the spit from her lips, still rubbing her clit.
1“Take it how I want you to take it!” I yell, grabbing her head and shoving my cock deep down her throat. “Take it all and not a word from you!” Yes, she could be an actress. She looks as if she was genuinely frightened, with her big eyes closed, and her little cute face all frowned when my cock reaches the depths of her throat. ‘Yes, take it like I want you to take it! Finish what you started! You little…”
And she takes it all, heroically, squeezing my butt cheeks and pulling me deep inside of her.

There is nothing else in the room but me throat fucking her, and as scowled as she looks she LIKES it. I let her take control of everything and she quickly puts her hand between her legs and starts moaning, scratching my cock with her teeth, pressing it with her lips, licking my balls, looking in my eyes filled with gratitude.

“Yes, my beauty, finish you meal!” I tell her as I cum deep inside her throat.

Yes, my beauty, you could be a great actress, I think as she swallows all my cum with no effort, moaning, with her fingers frantically rubbing her clit, wanting more and more. Yes, my beauty, you deserve it.

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