Cuffs ‘n heels (#febphotofest)

Today is the last day of Molly’s febphotofest and I am proud to say that I have managed to share at least one sexy photo with you every day. Most of those have come from our archives and I am so happy that I have at last found a reason to share some of the lovely photos Master T has made of me.

Cuffs, heels and petals
(click to enlarge)

This one is a definite favorite of mine.

What can I say, I wanted to end this on a high note!

ยฉ Rebel’s Notes

PS: This post was already scheduled for today when I saw the topic for this week’s kink of the week. I could have opted to delete this post, but decided to leave it as is, since this is the last day of Molly’s February Photofest. As said, I wanted to end this on a high note!

Thanks to Molly for asking people to join in with the February Photo Fest and thanks to all who have taken the time to look at my posts and comment on them!

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