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When I saw this idea of Sir Jaerls for a Wicked Wednesday prompt, I knew I wanted to try it. The idea is to write one piece of erotica twice. The first time everything is perfect and ‘glamorous’ and the second time it’s realistic. Really realistic.

So here goes the glamorous part…

Gary turned towards Lynn with a smile. She smiled and rolled closer to him. Gently he touched her face and then leaned in to kiss her. Lynn moaned. She opened her mouth and their tongues touched. She sighed when his hand cupped her breast and he rolled her nipple between his fingers. Gary pushed her onto her back. His mouth found her nipple. He sucked and nibbled. Lynn sighed as he kissed his way down her stomach, her right thigh, her lower leg and back up her left leg towards her stomach again. She groaned in frustration. She really wanted him to touch her pussy. Gary kissed her again, and at the same time he straddled her. When he moved back down she felt his hard cock brushing against her legs. He stood on his knees between her legs, pushed his arms under her thighs and pulled her closer to him. Her bottom lifted from the mattress below her and her pussy opened up, ready for his mouth. She moaned loud when his tongue touched and circled her swollen clitoris. He almost instantly brought her to the brink of orgasm. Gary licked up and down her smooth labia and dipped his tongue into her wet cunt, only to return to her clitoris again. Slowly he sucked it in between his lips, knowing how much she liked it and how close to orgasm she would get. He was not sucking hard enough for Lynn to climax.

After her first orgasm, Gary slipped two fingers into Lynn’s wet pussy. He curled his fingers upward and knew he touched her g-spot by the way she arched her back. His wet fingers found her clitoris. Moving his fingers both in circles and in a to and fro motion, he frigged Lynn towards an orgasm. She was even wetter when he slipped his fingers back inside her and found her sensitive spot again. Lynn climaxed several times before Gary pulled her on top of him. He drove his cock deep inside her and fucked her to two more orgasm before he spurted his cum deep into her. Lynn fell asleep with her head on Gary’s shoulder and a smile on her face.

boredThen the realistic part…

Gary sighed and turned towards Lynn. It has been too long. His balls hurt and he needed release, but first he has to get her in the mood. Lynn looked at him when he turned towards her, but her attention was still with the sound of the movie on the TV. Gary attempted to kiss her just as something drew her attention back to the movie. His kiss landed half on her mouth, half on her chin. Lynn did not move or make any sound when Gary cupped her breast. He pulled her night dress up and half-heartedly licked over her nipple a couple of times. Lynn suppressed a shiver when she felt his tongue lapping at her. It was like a dog was licking her! He kissed her stomach and fumbled to push her knickers down. Lynn pushed him away and took her panties off. Gary was relieved. It seems like Lynn was in the mood too. Lynn was irritated. She wanted to watch the movie, dammit! While she slowly took her panties off to try and hide her irritation, Gary quickly took off his underpants. He straddled her leg and Lynn shivered when a trail of his precum touched her leg. Gary breathed heavily after the effort he had to make to get between her legs.

Gary looked at the hairy pussy of his wife and breathed in deep. He had to do this if he wanted to get what he wanted. Better to get it started and get it over with. His tongue touched her clitoris. Lynn sighed. Oh god no, did he have to do this. Couldn’t he just fuck her and get it over with? The longer he was busy with her, the more he would expect of her. She cringed when he pushed his fingers into her. Okay, now she should act excited. She moaned a couple of times and tried to look at the television screen around Gary’s body. When he started rubbing her clitoris, she closed her eyes. Not because she was enjoying herself but to prevent herself from looking at the television. She did not want Gary to see. Gary looked at Lynn. How long would it take for her to climax? His hand was already tiring. Hopefully it would not take long. Ah wait, she was moaning. Yes, it sounded like her orgasm was close. Yes, there it was. Gratefully he lay down next to her again, not noticing the bored look on his wife’s face. She sighed and moved to straddle him. It took a bit of fumbling to get his half hard cock into her. He pushed into her a couple of times. Five minutes later Lynn was back to watching the movie. Gary was asleep, snoring. When she was certain that he would not wake up again, her hand moved towards her clitoris…

I must say, it’s a lot more fun and maybe even easier to write the glamorous part opposed to the realistic part! This was a fun writing exercise.

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  1. I think what is so sad is the fact that this is probably so true for far too many people. Life is much too short to be involved with a relationship that has poor sexual chemistry period. I mean none of us have the perfect but man that would just seriously piss me off to be her at that point. I am too blunt and honest to put up with bad sex lol..

    1. I would never have been blunt and honest in a situation like this, but my eyes would definitely have wandered to other men. And maybe my hands too 😉

  2. Love the boredom of the wife in the second story you captured that wonderfully! I think most women can relate to that at one tone or another ;-).

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I think there are too many women who live this in their daily lives and would love to have more excitement. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Rebel xox

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