Web work: What changed?


No really!!!

You mean you haven’t seen what changed? You do not remember what the site used to look like?

Let me remind you. On the left you had a background image. The name of my blog was in the top to the right. I had one sidebar on the right and three lines of widgets in the footer. And there were two menu bars, one above and one below the header. Even before that, there was only one menu bar, in orange, below the header.

Website on 30 March 2012
Website on 5 October 2013 sans header image

Remember now?

No, I did not think you would! I’m grinning as I say this…
You see, my blog has been live all the time while I made the changes. It took me close to a month to make them all, but because it went gradually, no one really noticed it.

So let me fill you in on what I have changed:

  • The background image has moved to my header. The moment I saw this image I was so happy with it, that I wanted to use it as my logo. Master T once said that I should never remove it. It’s also used in my blog button and yes, I am just so very proud of it. I made a compromise with Master T to move it from the left background to my header. It’s a lot smaller than it was, but it’s still there.
  • My blog title is a lot more centered than it was.
  • I moved from two navigation bars to only one and combined some things with each other to make it look less cluttered.
  • The front page shows 2 sidebars on the right and the rest of the pages have one sidebar on each side of the posts. One sidebar is for personal information and the right sidebar is more blog and business related.
  • The color of my post titles have been changed, as has the color of my texts. Everything was done in silver before, but since it’s on black, some people had problems reading it. The text is now a darker grey, which means the ‘glare’ in the text is as good as gone. The post and page titles are done in a light yellow.
  • The font I used in posts have also been changed, to improve the readability.
  • You must have noticed the slider on my front page, highlighting the latests posts.
  • My follow page has been updated and expanded with Twitter and Facebook links too. Also, I will be adding people on as I go along and not all of them will have a blog, as this list will also occasionally be used for the twitter hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF
  • I have taken over the meme ‘The Fellatio Project‘ from Mistress Mia of Kinky Mia, because she wants to move away from erotic blogging to work on other projects.
  • I have added a media page to my site. This is for people who would like me to do sex toy reviews or sponsored posts for them. So many times I get these questions and the moment I mention ‘fees’ people disappear. I hope this page will help people understand that not all my services are for free. Which also immediately implies that not all services have to be paid for.

There you have it, the changes on my blog. It has taken me about a month to get all the changes on there. As you can see, they are not major changes, but for some of them I needed support from the Suffusion team and they have been brilliant in helping me. I even learned some more about CSS, which I am very proud of. I don’t say this is the end of the changes. Some minor adjustments might still be made, but the bigger work is done now. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me!

From now on I will be concentrating on writing again!

© Rebel’s Notes

2 thoughts on “Web work: What changed?

  1. I confess that I didn’t notice the incremental changes – but now the improvements are obvious. Bravo – I do find it easier to read

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