Posture training (week 4 to 6)

Continued from… Posture training (week 2 & 3)

In week 4 I was supposed to increase the time of the training to 8 minutes, but since I am having slight pain problems with my right ankle, we have discussed it and for the fourth week I am still on 7 minutes. Hopefully I will be able to increase it to 8 minutes in week 5. I am also curious to know for how long this training will be going on. I guess that is up to Master T to decide.

Week 4
Day 1: It was very late before we went to bed (even though we had to work the following day) and I was thankful when my training was over and I could get to bed.
Day 2: I fell asleep on the couch and was a bit groggy when I did my posture training.
Day 3: We went to bed earlier than the night before. I was tired and thankful when my training was done.
Day 4: A terrible day with many disappointments. A canceled date and a misunderstanding between us and someone else had me teary-eyed most of the evening. Sitting in my training position did allow for some peace in my head, but the real peace came when I cried in Master T’s arms afterward, just before we went to sleep.
Day 5: The training this evening was definitely better than the evening before.
Day 6: We had a lovely evening at the bar that is our regular hangout. A great, unexpected conversation afterward and then a great evening to follow. When we went to bed, it was time for my training. It went uneventful, except for my ankle that still hurt. I think I might have a slight infection in it and I guess it’s time to treat it. Sometimes Master T makes an after training pic and this evening was no different. While in the ‘after training’ position, which is similar to the Gorean position ‘The Slaver’s Kiss or Usage positoon’, I felt something cold and hard run down my back. I instantly realized that Master T had the Swiss army knife in His hands. What followed… is a story for another post.
Day 7: Seven minutes yet again.

Entering week 5 we decided to increase the time again. I started on keeping the position for 8 minutes. Even though it did not sound like much of an increase, I noticed the difference. By the second evening of the third week I realized that I would probably have to keep the time at 8 minutes for another week, to get my legs to get used to being in this position. For a split second I even considered to jump straight to ten minutes and hold that for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t. I had to be patient and build this up to ten minutes, which I can then still practice every evening for a couple of weeks. Sometime during the week the thought crossed my mind that my ankle was giving me less problems than in the previous weeks and that was something I was quite thankful for. Two of the seven nights of week 5 was difficult. The others were not easy either, but less difficult than those two. This was a week that I was a bit under the weather and incredibly tired, but still I did my training. It’s been going on for 35 days now… and we’re still counting.


The photos above are all pre-training ones,
showing me on the bed waiting for Master T
to come to the bedroom so I can do my training.
You can click the photos to enlarge and browse.

In week 6 I stayed at 8 minutes. Master T did not want me to push myself too hard. He did not mind if this training would continue for weeks. The end goal was for me to be able to sit in the ‘Bracelets’ position for at least ten minutes and if possible, longer. With my legs feeling wobbly after holding the position for 8 minutes, I wondered if I would even be able to sit like this for 10 minutes, let alone longer. But, I was determined to keep on trying.

At the end of week 6, I had a silly moment in which I did some math. In total I have kept this position for 42 days straight, no interruptions. In week 1 I kept the position for 5 minutes, week 2 for 6, week 3 and 4 for 7, week 5 and 6 for 8. That means 7 times 5, plus 7 times 6, plus 14 times, 7 plus 14 times 8. That comes to a total of 287 minutes that I have been in the bracelets position. In total that is 4 hours and 47 minutes. Holy moly!

And my feeling says I am not even halfway yet…

To be continued…

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6 thoughts on “Posture training (week 4 to 6)

  1. That’s really a smart way, to build up in increments like that. So many people would be tempted to rush ahead (me included!!)!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Hope your ankle is finding its way with your training. It has been so interesting to read these posts and I do hope that you manage to get to your full goal but if it doesn’t happen, remember, the best place to be is where your Master deems is best and safest for you.

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I do keep that in mind indeed, that Master T is the one who decides when the training is done, when I have reached my goal. My ankle has, thankfully, been getting better and might even be totally okay since I have started walking for exercise 🙂

  3. It’s been interesting to watch your training posts and tweets. this post really helped clarify it in a way i missed before. Then again I’m a bit of a geek and the numbers is what made the light go on. Hope your ankle feels better.

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