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In June 2013 I wrote a post about knife play and ended it with the thought that I might buy Master T a special knife. I never got around to do it, but eventually it turned out not to be necessary. One Friday afternoon – we both had a day off from work – Master T was in the kitchen when I walked in. I kissed Him and only then noticed the knife in His hand. He noticed my glance and I noticed the change in His eyes. Slowly and very softly He ran the blade of the knife over my chest. My pussy twitched. I was wet. Instantly. My breathing was labored. I was aroused. Incredibly aroused.

Just before we went to bed that night, Master T informed me that he discovered a Swiss army knife in one of the drawers in the kitchen. He sat on the couch next to me and played with the knife. Turned it around in His hand. Opened it and showed me the shiny steel. Closed it again. Weighed it in His hand. Opened it again and closed it again. I looked at the leg with big eyes and at the same time I was smiling. Would He? Please yes. No, rather not. What if He cut me? What if something went horribly wrong? But I really want to try it. But He has to be careful. Of course He would be careful. He always was. Still, the idea of Him putting the knife to my skin terrified me. And excited me. Be careful what you wish for, was the only thought that kept on repeating in my mind. I have always wanted to try knife play at least once.

Once we were in the bedroom, the first priority was my posture training. When it was done I stretched my arms forward, my head on the floor, my ass up in the air. Suddenly I felt something cold lightly touching my skin. I instantly realized that it was the knife. I kept very still. I found it difficult to handle the pain when Master T pressed down harder with the blade. I begged Him to get onto the bed. Moments later I was on my stomach on bed.

knife play
Lines on my backside after the first knife play session
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Slowly Master T started to work on my buttocks. Line by line was made, over and over again. He pressed down quite hard and I was constantly wondering what would happen if He cut me. Would it hurt? Oh damn, I knew it would hurt and I really did not want Him to cut me. I don’t mind Him spanking me with vampire gloves, but the idea of being cut by a knife was just too much. I squirmed under His firm touch. It especially hurt when He ran the tip of the knife over the bottom edge of my buttocks, just where it runs over into my thighs. That was the first place where the burning sensation got really intense. That was also the spots I felt the most the next day each time I sat down.

The next evening the knife came out again and exactly the same spots were ‘carved’ again. By now I knew that Master T was using the sharp side of the blade, or rather, the side that should have been sharp. This Swiss Army knife turned out to be a fake Swiss Army knife. It looked like one, but it wasn’t real.

A week after these two evenings, I could still feel the lines on my buttocks. The skin was broken a bit and slowly healing, almost like crusts on a wound, but it could hardly been seen.

And of course, since this ‘fake’ knife is not a good one, Master T is now looking for a proper knife to use for knife play. Yet again this scares and excites me…

(Author’s note: Since this first time of knife play, we’ve had a couple of other sessions where Master T used the same knife He did for this first session. Some more photos will follow, and maybe some more posts too.)

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9 thoughts on “Knife play

  1. Knife play is a total hard limit for me but I can see the fascination with it, however, it will never come into any play where I am involved either as Domme or sub.

    I do love reading others experiences with it though!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. I’m kinda squishy after reading this. You write well. I remember the first time my husband and I did knife play. I was taken completely by surprise.

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