When I saw this year’s first subject for Kink in the week I stuck a blank. Socks? Are socks a kink to me? My immediate answer was ‘no’ it’s not. But damn, I wondered, what will I write about then? I don’t want to miss out on any of the weekly kink of the week prompts as I just enjoy it too much to write.

And then I remembered!

Occasionally socks can be a kink!

There was a time that I bought a couple of pairs of over the knee socks. They were not to wear for every day, but to wear for kinky play, or when I wanted to surprise Master T with something different than waiting in bed naked until He joins me.

Busy with my task, still wearing my knee highs.
Busy with my task, still wearing my knee highs.

I have all kinds of socks. Ankle socks, which I rarely wear. Thick woolly socks which I wear in winter, but only in the house and because I don’t want to wear slippers. I also have several pairs of knee highs which I used to wear in the period before I started wearing skirts. I had a period where I actually always wore pants and when it was cold, I wore my over the knee socks. I now actually only wear them when I have my easy cloths on and I am cold, like you can see me in the picture to the right, where I was busy masturbating after Master T had ordered me to. Other than that, I rarely wear them. All my socks are in one basket in my closet.

But, I also have a drawer with sexy clothes and in the drawer I have some of my ‘sexy’ socks. Like my pink knee high ones with the nice ribbon behind the knee. I even have a black pair like this because I loved them too much. But my favorite socks are my over the knee rainbow socks. Maybe they are more fun than sexy, right? But still, they do make nice photos.



I think after this I can conclude that socks are not really a kink of mine but as you can see from the photos above (pulled from my archives) I occasionally like to wear cute and fun socks.

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8 thoughts on “Socks

  1. With the cold weather, I just started wearing those warm fuzzy socks and I love them also. In fact, I had them on and went out shoe shopping and when I went to try on shoes, it was oops .. wrong socks! I ended up having to buy some socks just to try shoes on. Maybe the next topic should be shoes? 🙂

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