The Fellatio Project

Update (September 2016):
The Fellatio Project has changed into The Oral Sex Project.

In December I was approached my Mistress Mia of Kinky Mia about The Fellatio Project.

Mistress Mia has been inspired to start The Fellatio Project when she read a series of posts by Jana’s Panties (unfortunately this blog no longer exists). She wanted to hear more about cock sucking, whether you are on the giving or the receiving end, whether you are male or female. Unfortunately Mistress Mia does not have enough time to continue this meme as she wants to focus on something else than her erotic blogging in 2014. Since she did not want this meme to disappear, she asked me whether I want to take it over and of course I said yes. I thank her for thinking of me when she needed someone to continue the meme.

New page
I have created a page for The Fellatio Project and have added all the posts that have already been linked to the meme. The only thing that has changed, is the badge.

Mistress Mia used the following badge:



I will be using this badge:



Do you have to change the badge on your old posts?
No, it is not necessary to change the badge on your old posts. You are welcome to do so if you want to, but it’s not a requirement. For new posts of course it will be a requirement to use the new badge for The Fellatio Project.

What am I looking for in this project?
Basically I am looking for the same as Mistress Mia:

Have you always enjoyed cock-sucking or is it something that has had to develop? What did you not like about it in the beginning and how has that changed? Did your early experiences put you off in some way? Who or what has encouraged you in this area? Have you always enjoyed cock-sucking? Does the shape or type of cock have an effect on how you feel about sucking it? As a recipient, is this something that you enjoy or are ambivalent about? Do you have a favourite way of being sucked? Do you like to or like to be deep-throated? What tips do you have to control a gag reflex?

At the same time I am looking for those ‘how to’ guides. Okay, I know very well that two cocks are not sucked the same way, but the basic technique mostly is the same. How do you do it? Or how do you like it to be done? Men, you are the ones experiencing the feelings when you are sucked. Tell us what should be done and what should not be done. What are the most sensitive spots and why?

Let’s use The Fellatio Project to give each other tips, let’s share our experiences, good or bad, but most of all… let’s have fun!

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