No-face portrait

I am running way behind with the 26 by 26 project, so now is the time to catch up. I stopped at challenge #14 in October 2013 and since then I have been saving the bi-weekly mails of the rest of the challenges. Roundabout Christmas time Master T and I discussed the challenges and together we came up with some ideas. In the coming weeks those photos, including the challenges will be up on the site.

Now it’s time for challenge #15, which was:

Take a portrait without showing the face.
– Tom Broadbent

DSC_6696a    DSC_6700a

 As always, photos can be clicked to be enlarged.

This looks like a portrait, right? One that does not show my face.

But I wanted to give you just a bit more…

… this is probably the closest I will ever come to put my face on my site.


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6 thoughts on “No-face portrait

  1. You have succeeded wonderfully. And I particularly like the final image. Seeing your features without your face is very clever, and strangely intimate also.

    xx Dee

    1. It really was a lucky shot, this, but I am very happy with the photo. Glad you liked it, Dee 🙂

      Rebel xox

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