Music festival

No, no, please no. Let them not see me. I wish I could hide. I wish there was a way for me to disappear. Oh no! Has he seen me? Is she looking at me? No wait, they are looking at the one next to me. Phew. That’s a relief.

The two young adults laughed and ran towards the black sedan, that stood parked between several other cars in the field. The music was not as loud here as it was when they were at the festival podium. This was their first weekend together away from their parental homes and the second night of the music festival. Last night they came out here too, wanting some time for themselves away from their friends, but some of their friends followed them. This time they managed to sneak away unnoticed.

In front of the black car the young man pulled the young woman closer and kissed her. She felt the bumper of the car pushing against the back of her legs and felt her boyfriend’s hard body pressing against hers. Her own excitement pooled between her legs and was as wet as his was hard.

“Do you want to?” he asked.
“Yes,” she answered.
She looked around.

Oh no. Now she’s seen me. No wait, she’s turning her head away. Oh please let her not turn her head back. Please let them stay where they are!

“I thii-iii-i-i-i-nk…” the woman said, teasingly dragging the word out and pretending not to know what she wants, “I thi-i-innnnk…”
She quickly turned her back to the red car on her right, then back to the blue car on her left.

No! Don’t look at me. I don’t want you to see me! Turn your head away, look at the others around here!

“Let’s see,” she said, “do I want black, red or blue?”
“Choose quickly,” he said.

No! No! No, no, no!

The young man grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and pulled her towards the red sports car.
“It’s a bit low,” he said, “but if this is what the lady wants, this is what the lady gets.”
She smiled nervously at him. He bent his head to kiss her while his hands wandered over her back and down to her buttocks. Slowly he pulled her skirt up to expose her naked backside. Only a tiny bit of fabric ran between her ass cheeks.

Oh no, they are really going to do it. No, please. They are going to ruin it. Finally it was done and now they are going to ruin it. Please let them go away!

redcarThe woman shrieked when her ass touched the cold steel of the car. Her boyfriend quickly unzipped his pants, grabbed her legs and move his crotch closer to hers. She lifted her legs and spread them wide to give him easy access.
“Oh yes,” she said when he entered her, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”
The young man grunted and pushed in and out of her. Soon only their sounds of lovemaking filled the air.

No! They are really fucking it up. I was so proud of it. Why did that dipshit rich kid have to take me to the festival with him? Couldn’t he have taken the old Buick? He should know I’m not made for festivals like this. And definitely not since I had my new paint job. I’m ruined. I will never be the same again. Damn kids!

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  1. Oh this is brilliant! Love the take on the prompt and cars car’s complete disgust with it all!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. This cracked me up – it was sexy (from the human point of view) and painful (from the cars).

    xx Dee

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