Make a picture entirely for yourself.

โ€“ Jim Naughten

This is challenge #16 in the 26 by 26 project. At first I had no idea what photo to make for this challenge, and then I thought about the day collars I wear. When I am at my work, only I know the significance of the collar around my neck. When I am at the shops, no one around me would suspect the symbolism of what I have around my neck. When I am visiting with family, they sometimes compliment me on my ‘necklace’ and I just smile and say thank you.

Recently we bought two more day collars. This way I have a different collar around my neck every day, but I am never without a day collar when I leave the house. I wanted to show you all my three day collars, but essentially this photo was made only for myself, because I am proud to wear these collars, proud to be Master T’s and proud to show that to the world, even though the people don’t understand my message.


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