Make a picture entirely for yourself.

– Jim Naughten

This is challenge #16 in the 26 by 26 project. At first I had no idea what photo to make for this challenge, and then I thought about the day collars I wear. When I am at my work, only I know the significance of the collar around my neck. When I am at the shops, no one around me would suspect the symbolism of what I have around my neck. When I am visiting with family, they sometimes compliment me on my ‘necklace’ and I just smile and say thank you.

Recently we bought two more day collars. This way I have a different collar around my neck every day, but I am never without a day collar when I leave the house. I wanted to show you all my three day collars, but essentially this photo was made only for myself, because I am proud to wear these collars, proud to be Master T’s and proud to show that to the world, even though the people don’t understand my message.


© Rebel’s Notes

4 thoughts on “Collars

    1. I actually wear a collar almost 24/7. A day collar to work and when we go shopping or visiting and a night collar to sleep with.

      Rebel xox

  1. They are all so subtle, however, someone “in the know” about such things would definitely have an inkling on the meaning if them as they all contain an O ring!

    Lovely set of day collars.

    ~Mia~ xx

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