7th task (The Traveler)

Early December The Traveler gave me another task. I actually wanted to execute it the weekend right after I got it, but due to the busy festive month I did not get to it that weekend. Also, Master T said I should first try whether it was at all possible to do what The Traveler expected of me:

I want you to set up the vid cam so that you can be seen on the screen when you squat down in front of it. Your whole body and face must be visible as you squat (naked of course) you spread your legs wide and play with your pussy using the toy that makes you squirt hardest. I want you to make yourself cum and more importantly squirt on the floor in front of you. I expect clear verbal description of what you are doing and how it feels throughout.


Master T wanted me to try first whether I could squirt when squatting, as it puts strain on my legs and might pull my attention away from my legs which would prevent me from squirting. Due to this I kept on postponing – and almost forgetting – about the task. Until just before Christmas. I chatted with The Traveler and he said he wanted to see the execution of the task before the end of the year. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve I was off from work. The night before I had already made the decision to try the squirting part during my afternoon off. When in the bedroom I decided to also switch my camera on and film it. My reasoning was that Master T could better judge whether it was good or not. The Traveler told me to use the toy that made me squirt the hardest. I did not have to think about this. I knew that the Icicles 16 toy was perfect for this. I quickly checked whether the camera was in the right position and whether all of me could be seen on the screen. Once I was happy, I took the dildo and pushed it into my mouth, closing my lips around it. Once it was wet enough, I ran it over my nether folds and then push it right into me. As I knew, the glass dildo immediately hit the right spot. Somehow I knew it would not take long for me to reach an orgasm. Of course the fact that I was horny was definitely helping too! The only question was whether I would be able to squirt when squatting down the way I was. I cannot fully describe the feeling the dildo gives me inside. In a way it almost feels like I want to wee, but then again, it’s a much nicer feeling than that. On the other hand, as a sidetrack, ladies… don’t you think being able to wee when you really really need to go is almost as good as an orgasm? But, I am getting off track. I felt the pressure build up inside me and to prolong the feeling, I moved the dildo out and rubbed the smooth, hard surface over my swollen clitoris and let it slip back inside again.

Wetness on the floor after squirting

This time I did not forget to talk to The Traveler on the video. I told him how it felt. Told him that I did not know whether I would be able to squirt, told him how I could feel the dildo pressing against my G-spot and how good it felt. As the feelings got more intense inside, I increased my tempo. I knew I was close and pulled the dildo out. I surprised myself by squirting about half a meter in front of me. The fluids leaving my pussy could be seen rather clearly on the video. That evening I showed Master T the video and he sent it off to The Traveler, who was happy with the execution of this task. I wonder what he would have in stall for me the next time.

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5 thoughts on “7th task (The Traveler)

  1. Nicely done! Sometimes my bf likes me to stand over the top of him masturbate and squirt all over him – he enjoys the view it gives him! 😉

    ~Mia~ xxxx

    1. Oh I wonder whether I would be able to squirt when I stand. I have never tried it.
      And I bet that’s quite a view for your bf!

      Rebel xox

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