6th task (The Traveler)

Next time you and T are driving in the car somewhere I want you to use your phone to make a video of yourself fingering your pussy and making yourself come as you drive along the highway. Then mail me the video. I look forward to seeing the product…. and as always I want you to describe what you are doing and how it feels.

The first time I was sitting next to Master T in the car after The Traveler had given me this task, we were on our way to the first erotic massage date. Master T told me that I was not allowed to do The Traveler’s task, as I was not allowed to climax before the date. The next weekend we went to a kinky warehouse sale. I was wearing a dress, stockings and boots, nothing else. It was Sunday, after all, and as my standing orders state, I was not allowed any underwear.

We bought some lovely, sexy & hurty things at the warehouse sale and I was feeling a bit horny when we got back in the car for our twenty minute drive back home. I might have been horny because of the things we bought, but my horny feelings might also have been because I knew I had to do M’s task on our drive back home. U pulled my dress up while we were still in the city between the buildings and with other cars driving next to us in the same direction. At traffic lights I wondered whether they could see the movements of my hand, but I did not really care. By now I was holding my phone in my left hand, filming what my right hand was doing.

Ten minutes of our drive we were still in the city. In those ten minutes I had one orgasm. This meant the task was done, but I was too horny to stop. I realized that I have not spoken one word while I was busy, but with Master T so close I was too shy to tell The Traveler what I was feeling. I kept quiet and decided that I would take whatever punishment would come my way for not executing the task exactly as I should have.

Master T turned the car onto the highway. I was still frigging my clitoris, still filming what I was doing. I pushed my fingers into my pussy, feeling my wetness. I tried to put on a show for The Traveler, to compensate for the fact that I wasn’t talking. My fingers kept on moving from my clitoris to inside me and then back to my clitoris again. Tension built and soon I did not want my fingers anywhere else than on my clitoris. One final time I pushed my fingers deep inside me and then concentrated on frigging my clitoris. Moments later my orgasm washed through my loins, squirting some fluids on the seat below me.

Master T sent The Traveler the video and he was very pleased with it, especially with the squirting part. I guess this meant I was forgiven for not talking while I made the video!

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