Re-discovered Scavenger Hunt

A month or so ago Master T was looking for an old photo which I needed for a blog post. He discovered these photos and we realized it fits in perfectly with the Scavenger Hunt.

These photos were made on 12 October 2003.
This is about a month after we told the family we are a pair and about 1.5 years after we first met.
These photos were made roundabout 2.30am when I was visiting Master T. What you cannot see in the back, is the two big blocks of flats. To my right there were houses and right in front of me there were houses too. Actually, those flats and houses are all still there as I moved in with Master T in 2004.

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This is my 21st Scavenger Hunt.

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20 thoughts on “Re-discovered Scavenger Hunt

  1. These are great – and definitely fitting! Love how widely spread you are, and how well you can see the trees behind. It’s certainly public 🙂

    xx Dee

    1. Very public indeed. If I look at it in daylight I wonder where I got the guts from back then to pose like this at 3am in the morning 😉

      Rebel xox

  2. I only really started photographs when I got my first digital camera – aged around 19/20 (so 12 years ago!) – but wish I had some pictures from before that. I also haven’t kept half the pictures I did take! ;-(

  3. I can see why he kept these images. You look so perfect on the bonnet of the car. Very sexy and brave considering you were surrounded by all those houses. xx

    1. I tend to save a lot of things and have done so with all of my digital pics. I had some regular photos but those are all lost. No idea what happened to them.

      Rebel xox

  4. I wish I had some pictures from years ago but sadly I only really started taking photographs about 5 years ago. I often wish I had started much younger but alas circumstance did not really allow. I am glad that I have discovered the joys of that pastime now though


    1. And I am glad you discovered the joys of making pics too. I really love what you do with the camera. You are so talented!

      Rebel xox

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