Dark nipple play

Sometimes you just have the perfect recipe for a nice photo… or two…

Some light
Naked body

Dark nipple play

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22 thoughts on “Dark nipple play

  1. I love it when a great shot just happens without a lot of planning. I love the light and darkness contrast too. I’ve been working on similar photos the past few days.

    I’m looking forward to your photos in 2014.
    Hugs Xx

    1. I am looking forward to our photo adventures too. I love that Master T is getting into making photos more and more. Love His ideas, but will always do some self photography too 🙂

      Rebel xox

  2. I love it when circumstance just offers up the perfect shot without you even having to plan it or set it up…. those opportune pictures often turn out to be my favourite


    1. Exactly! And I plan to seize more opportunities for photos, whether erotic photos or not. Thanks for all your inspiration, Molly 🙂

      Rebel xox

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