Christmas Time

My favorite Christmas song is Christmas Time, by Bryan Adams

There’s something about Christmas time
something about Christmas time
that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday

Β I am not as fond of Christmas as I was some years ago, but this year we have decorations in the house again. I bought tiny Christmas balls, decorative pine cones, tinsel and lights and combined those to put on the table. The lights beckoned me to be used for a Christmas photo.

I guess Christmas time is about being naughty and sexy too.

Christmas lights
Christmas lights
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27 thoughts on “Christmas Time

  1. This is a lovely image, I love how the light just radiates from the bowl and illuminates all the gorgeousness of you!!!

    Have the most wonderful of Christmastime this year!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. I love how the glow shadows the right areas! Ahhh… and you made me smile with my banner on your sidebar! Thank you! Merry Christmas, Rebel.

  3. This should be made into a Christmas card cover for all your naughty friends! πŸ˜€ Beautiful image. I love the lighting/glow and how it illuminates your body.

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