Fourth update: 101 things in 1001 days

101-1001aIt’s a bit hard to really keep up with my progress. I tend to lose track of exactly where I am with each item on my 101 list. Once in a while I work through the Excel file I have created when I first made the list and there I try to keep track. When doing this update, I discovered that I have totally missed the fact that I have completed number 37 (have a MMF threesome) on my list. Even though I only sucked both men, in my eyes this still counts as a MMF threesome. However, I would love to have another MMF threesome and this time I would like to be fucked by both and preferably at the same time, so I can complete number 39 (have my first DP) too.

Progress have been made on the following:

  • I have made it to the penultimate round of the Smut Marathon II. Fifteen authors started on it and I ended up with the last 5.
  • I have submitted two more stories for anthology calls and am working on three more. Two of those are in the editing phase and have to be ready before 31 December 2013.
  • I am currently co-writing two stories with two different men, but progress is quite slow on both of those. Hopefully they will be done before this list expires.
  • I wanted to do #NaNoWriMo 2013 but since I am so busy writing for anthology calls, I decided not to participate and won’t do so in 2014 either. Both these goals have been set to ‘failed’. I guess when I made this list I just bit off more than I can chew!
  • I am still progressing nicely with reading and reviewing erotic books. I have received some from different authors. Keep an eye on my site for the reviews.
  • I have written an informational piece on intimate erotic massages, followed by my own experience with such a massage.
  • I gained more scavenger hunt notches and even discovered a very old one. Some of those have already been posted, others will be posted in the next weeks.
  • I’m way behind with the 26 by 26 project and really need to get that started again!
  • I wore my butt plug for ten consecutive days, when Master T decided it was time for some plug maintenance.
  • We had another play date and currently the posts are appearing on the blog.
  • My ass has been marked again, this time not by a spanking or flogging but with a knife. The post will be on the blog in the next week or so.
  • I have performed for Master T and another man, which means this is another goal that I have completed.
  • We have used the pussy pump that we bought some years ago. It will be used again and a post will follow, I think.
  • On 26 October I started wearing stockings once a week, mostly in the weekend. And of course I am not wearing underwear when I wear stockings.
  • I have the elements I want in my tattoo and am ready to go to a tattoo artist and have him/her draw the design. My tattoo will happen before Eroticon 2014.
  • We have seen a beautiful set of drawers for our toys. Two sets, actually. A bedside version and a bigger one. Those might be acquired in 2014.
  • I’ve been to the wellness resort again this past Friday and had a wonderful day, including a painful massage of which I might blog about soon!
  • I had a wonderful erotic massage, including a happy end!
  • I have met more lovely tweeps in person.
  • We’ve had another inspirational erotic writer’s meeting.
  • My blog has gone in overdrive in November 2013, reaching more than 1000 hits for almost half of the days of the month and bringing this month to the best month ever since I started on my own domain on 25 February 2012.
  • My Alexa ranking has settled roundabout 70.000 which I am very happy with! Not that it has settled, but that it ranks this high in the world.
  • I am still wanting to reach at least 50 participants for Wicked Wednesday. Please help me to get there!

As you can see I am progressing nicely with some goals, but others unfortunately I have not even started on yet or they have failed already. And for some I just have to sit down and DO it, but time always seems to be the problem…

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2 thoughts on “Fourth update: 101 things in 1001 days

  1. Good job on completing your goals and don’t worry about the ones that may have to happen another time. I for one, know that you have a LOT on your plate. You do you’re absolute best with the time you do have. Truth.

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