To escort or not…

Scenario 1

A businessman. A busy businessman. Meetings from early morning until late in the evening. Lots of traveling. He has no time to invest in any women that might be interested in a life with him. He is too busy building his career and climbing the ladder to the top. He attends many different dinners and functions and to many of them it is expected that he brings a female companion.

escortHow do you think a busy businessman will go about to find a companion for a function he has to attend? If he doesn’t go to the function, he will harm his career and if he goes without a companion, he will be frowned upon. In the cold, hard business world it might be expected of him to have a beautiful lady at his side. Okay, when he attends dinners or functions close to home, he might ask his sister to accompany him. That is if he has a sister, but for this piece we just pretend he has. He might also ask a female colleague, someone that has to attend the function or dinner anyway and the two of them can go together, no strings attached. Unless of course he wants to enter into a relationship with her, but remember, above it was stated that he doesn’t have time to invest in women and that all that is important to him is climbing the career ladder. What if this businessman is somewhere abroad and everyone has their life partners with them to attend different functions or dinners? How would he solve this? There are companies who offer these kind of services, such as Select Sydney Escorts.

Scenario 2

A disabled lesbian. She’s able to work and go to the shops using a wheelchair, but in the evenings and weekend she’s at home alone. She wants to have a social life, wants to go out to dinner or just have someone to visit her for a nice talk, but she finds that making contact with women who won’t have a problem with going out with a disabled person is quite difficult.

This woman might want to use the same services as the businessman above. Why would she not take the step to call an escort service and ask for a woman to accompany her to dinner, or to visit her for a relaxed conversation, with no other intentions?

Scenario 3

A young woman. A single mom. She has no work. She gets no support from anyone. She needs a job and has been desperately looking for one, but she cannot find one that fits in with the hours she can work between taking care of her child. The allowances she gets, are not enough to pay the bills or put a proper meal on the table.

Only people who have been in the situation of not knowing where the next cent will come from, will know how desperate you get when you don’t have any money anymore. And even more so if you have a child to care for and you have absolutely no money to do so. As an adult you might be able to go without a meal or two, but would you do that to your child? I don’t think so. You will do everything in your power to feed your child. I have gone through difficult times in my life and sometimes I did not know where the next meal should come from, but thankfully I always had some help. But what if you don’t? What if you fall in between all rules and you are not entitled to social benefits or an unemployment allowance? I can imagine that a woman as described above might grab something she might see as the last straw: to work for an escort agency such as Models Escort Agency.

Should any of these people be judged? The businessman who turns to an escort agency for a companion? The lesbian woman looking for some company? The young single mom who turns to an escort agency because she cannot find any other job? Or the women that work at escort agencies? Why would we judge any of these people? Is it wrong of any of them to do what they do? I don’t think so.

I don’t think it’s our place to judge anyone for the choices they have made. When you see a woman who works for an escort agency or even a woman who works as a prostitute, you do not know how she came to the decision to do what she does. There might be a sad story behind this choice, but it might also be a conscious choice for something she dreamed about doing and she’s making a dream come true. Some of us have aspirations to become lawyers and doctors, some of us don’t want a career at all, but we know we have to work so we choose to work in a shop or behind a desk. Others choose to work with their hands, making things or fixing things. And yes, others choose to earn their money in the sex industry.

Why should it be wrong to choose for a career in the sex industry? What exactly is wrong with that? Why do so many people condemn people who work in the sex industry? I think that a large part of this amounts to the fact that we are raised to be ashamed of sex. From a certain age we are told that it is wrong to touch ourselves, which increases the feelings of shame regarding our own sexuality. We are not allowed to talk about sex openly, because that is wrong. We are not allowed to look at pictures of half naked men or women, so we do it on the sly, which increases the feelings of guilt and shame. All of these things and more increases our shame for all things sexual. When we grow up, we hear a lot of things about sex, but always with a negative connotation. Then, with those feelings of shame embedded in our minds, we see sex workers. We see those who dared to step away from their feelings of shame and do something they want to do. And we judge them. Why? Maybe because combined with those feelings of shame, we feel a pang of jealousy that they had the guts to openly do something we would have wanted to do too?

I am not saying that all people have these strong feelings of shame and I am also not saying that we all want to pursue a career in the sex industry. Heaven forbid! Just imagine that all of us wanted to be lawyers or doctors or shop workers. We cannot all be the same. But what we can do is to respect others for their choices. Some of the sex workers have made a conscious choice to be in the sex industry, others have been forced into it, by different circumstances. We do not know the stories behind the choices and therefore we have no right to judge them and shame them for what they do. Respect them the same way they probably respect you for your choices. Live, and let live!

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6 thoughts on “To escort or not…

  1. What a fabulous post! You and I have very much the same attitude in this matter!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. An interesting post Marie, and you present a viewpoint that I completely support. When I was growing up, Xaviera Hollander did a lot to change people’s perspectives on sex workers. I was under the impression that attitude’s were a little more liberal over there. I hope they are.

    1. No matter how liberal a country is, you always have people in that country who prefer to judge others for the way they live their lives. They are liberal here, but some also like to judge.

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