Erotic massage date (5)

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On my knees, waiting to be fucked
On my knees, waiting to be fucked

Master B did not stop. He slammed into me even harder and at the same time grabbed my tits and squeezed. I think I climaxed again. Master B pushed my legs up and pushed even deeper into me, fucking me hard enough for it to hurt. I might have climaxed again, I might not have.
“Turn over on your knees,” Master B said.
I quickly turned over and spread my legs. I knew what was coming, but was surprised when Master B pushed into my pussy again. He pushed in hard again, causing me to pant and moan and enjoy. He pulled out and I felt him pressing against my anus. I prepared myself for it to hurt, but felt Master B’s erection slipping right into me. His fingers have thoroughly prepared me for this. He started fucking my ass. I moved my hand in under me, reaching for my clitoris. I wanted one of my huge orgasms. I craved one of those. He wasn’t gently with my ass and I did not mind. I wanted it hard.

Anal sex
Anal sex

His fingers found my pussy and pushed into me. My fingers worked my clitoris, but somehow there was a sensory overload and I could not bring myself to orgasm. I enjoyed the hard fucking, enjoyed how he possessed my body at that moment. I have no idea how long the ass fucking went on before he told me to turn over on my back. My hand was between my legs while he changed condoms to fuck me in my pussy again. Before Master B entered me again he rubbed the head of his condom covered penis over my clitoris, bringing me close to orgasm again. Another hard fucking followed. My legs were pushed up and spread wide while Master B banged into me. I had the feeling that I was climaxing without stopping and somewhere in that I realized that Master B climaxed too.

I was allowed a couple of minutes rest. When I opened my eyes, Master T was standing next to the bed, smiling down on me.
“It’s time for your vitamins,” He said.
I immediately knew what He went. I sat up and moved to the side of the bed. Master T unbuttoned and unzipped His pants. I reached for His cock and happily took it into my mouth. I sucked and licked and teased Him with my tongue. My hand was around the base of His cock and my mouth around the rest. I took Him in deep and then pulled back to almost let the tip of His erection slip from my mouth. Soon I swallowed His warm cum as it spurted into my mouth.

Master B and I both took a shower and got dressed again. Half an hour later we were sitting at the bar downstairs in the hotel, talking and relaxing after a very successful evening. It was after 11pm when we left to go home. In the parking lot Master T helped me with another notch for the Scavenger Hunt, but that will be in another post on another day.

I look back on our date with Master B with a tender fondness. He has made it a very special evening giving me a massage I have wanted for so long. At the same time Master T has made it an incredible evening for me. I cannot begin to describe the feelings I had inside me, knowing how much I was pleasing Him by giving myself to someone else to use me, the way He had always wanted it. This date with Master B has taught me something else about myself: no matter how self-conscious I am about my body, once I feel at ease with someone not one negative thought came to mind. Not once did I doubt myself. Something else that I was amazed at during the evening is how deep my sub-feelings are. Obeying my Master T, my Mynheer… pleasing Him and at the same time enjoying myself… seeing the approval in His eyes… feeling the lust in my body… feeling myself floating away. I float for two days before my feet touched solid ground again.

I can only say that I look forward to a next date with Master B…

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