Erotic massage date (4)

Continued from… Erotic massage date (3)

This, I knew, was His permission for me to go along with whatever would happen next.

I lay down next to Master B, feeling very self-conscious and not knowing how to proceed. He asked me what I would like to do and I told him that I cannot take initiative. I have never been able to do so. He was very kind, taking my hand and putting it on his chest. He asked me what I felt. I kept quiet as I thought he wanted to hear about my emotions, my feelings. But he guided me further.

“Maybe you feel the hair on my chest. Is it soft? Does it feel nice? Maybe you want to feel more. To feel something else?”
I dared to move my hand down and felt his erection. I could not bring myself to do anything else. Thankfully Master B took it from there, which meant that all I had to do was to respond. That, for me, is always easier than being the leader in a sexual encounter.
Some of what followed is a haze. Not all is clear in my mind anymore… except that what followed was hot and sexy and exciting and… well, just read on.

Master B straddling my face
Master B straddling my face

Master B kissed me. His hand was on my breast, but soon moved down to between my legs. I heard how wet I was when he pushed two fingers firmly into me and I was not surprised. I knew I would be wet. He sucked my nipple, then kissed me. Straddling me, he pushed my hands above my head, kissed me, kissed my neck, my ears. He moved down between my legs and quickly took his underpants off. His fingers moved into me again, fingering me, bringing me to the edge but not over it. He straddled my body and moved towards my face. His erect cock was directly above my face and I knew what I had to do. I licked and sucked his balls while my hand moved around his penis.

While Master B was on top of me he reached back and frigged my clitoris. I think I climaxed, I cannot remember. I had a lot of orgasms during our encounter. Master B moved down between my legs and sucked me while his fingers were deep inside me. Sometimes he had fingers in both my ass and my pussy at the same time. Master B moved down and sucked my clitoris into his mouth. I pressed my hand against the heard board of the bed. I had to steady myself. Master B straddled my face. I sucked him while he sucked me.

Kissing my ear, biting my jaw
Kissing my ear, biting my jaw

Master T was at the side of the bed, watching and making photos. I looked at Him and there was approval in His eyes. I was floating. I felt incredibly submissive, knowing I was doing what He expected of me. None of this was discussed beforehand. I have known for a long time that He wanted to share me with others and that one of his wishes was to see how they use my body. I was doing exactly that. The thought of it and the approval in His eyes sent me into subspace. It made me float. It made me feel sexy, wanted, horny, subby. After another climax Master B got off me, pushed fingers into my holes and kissed me. He sucked my nipples, kissed my ear, bit my jaw, sucked my nipple again. His head disappeared between my legs again. I was a mess already after several orgasms, and still so very horny.

Standing on his knees next to me, towering over me, Master B spoke.
“Where do you want me?”
I surprised myself with my answer.
“I would like to have my ass fucked.”
“See,” Master B said, “it’s not so difficult to say what you want.”
By then it wasn’t difficult anymore. I was too far gone to care what I say. All I wanted was to be fucked. Hard.
“Feel this,” Master B said as he put my hand on his erection, “all of this is going to be in you soon.”
He put a condom on and pushed deep into my pussy. He fucked me hard, hard enough for it to almost hurt, but not hard enough for me to want to stop him. His thumb found my clitoris and soon my orgasm found me.

To be continued… Erotic massage date (5)

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